Live Stream #86: More Inverse Kinematics + Texturing Cloth Simulation

In this live episode, I continue exploring the topic Inverse Kinematics. I also demonstrate how to apply a texture to a meshed 3D cloth in Processing (Java).

21:58 – Presenting today’s topics
24:12 – Multiple Snakes with Inverse Kinematics
59:15 – Inverse Kinematics Fixed Point
1:15:47 – Inverse Kinematics Multiple
1:42:04 – Texturing 3D Cloth Part 1
2:04:45 – Texturing 3D Cloth Part 2
2:29:01 – Q&A/Conclusion

Edited videos from this live stream coming soon!

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15 responses to “Live Stream #86: More Inverse Kinematics + Texturing Cloth Simulation”

  1. Stephan Bischoff Avatar

    Hey there,
    check out to solve the inverse kinematics problem with an very nice iterative solver. not as math heavy like solving with an jacobian matrix. all you need is some vector stuff.

  2. skylerockspecial Avatar

    Please do the inverse kinématics with the rubberband technique as a digital smooth drawing pencil

  3. Gummans Gubbe Avatar

    Happy pi day everyone!

    Using the numbers from the Rand random book and the gcd method presented by "standupmaths" I determined pi to be 3.0512.

  4. Tom Burris Avatar

    Can I have what he's having?

  5. brixius111 Avatar

    water in pitcher = multi laptop killer. Water bottles are safer.

  6. GamingButNotReally Avatar

    My heart smiles whenever I see dan upload 🙂

  7. kunjung sherpa Avatar

    Around 1:30:00, it looks like the two robot arms are playing basketball. It looks so cool

  8. Engineering Entropy Avatar

    1:57 if you wanna make a triangle strip you better have a fat stack of 1's!

  9. Rafael Avatar

    I am looking forward to the machine learning course!! I hope it gets difficult for Daniel and for us! Much more fun! I hate when people get all prepared in front of an audience.

  10. GComparizon Avatar

    All we had to do was code the damn train, cj

  11. Agus Gunawan Avatar

    wiggle wiggle wiggle

  12. hawk468 Avatar

    what are you coding?

  13. Tiniri Avatar

    عمل جميل شكرا …

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