Live Stream #89: Session 2 of “Intelligence and Learning”

In this live stream I work on a five part coding challenge: evolving autonomous agents. This challenge is a follow-up to my genetic algorithm and steering behavior videos.

This video is also part of the second session of my ITP “Intelligence and Learning” course (spring 2017)

Edited videos from this live stream coming soon!

23:33 – Intro to this Session
41:11 – Coding Challenge – Part 1
1:13:09 – Coding Challenge – Part 2
1:47:17 – Coding Challenge – Part 3
2:05:07 – Coding Challenge – Part 4
2:38:30 – Coding Challenge – Bonus Part 5
2:44:37 – Intro to Coding Challenge

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The Nature of Code Part 2 (Spring 2017) – Intelligence and Learning:
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Nature of Code:
Codeland Conference:
Processing Foundation Membership:
Commonplace Podcast:
Craig Reynolds’ Steering Behaviors:
My Video on Autonomous Agents and Steering:
My Genetic Algorithm Playlist:
My Video on Vectors in p5.js:

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28 responses to “Live Stream #89: Session 2 of “Intelligence and Learning””

  1. CactusSoyeux Avatar

    Still an awesome video !
    As a French I understand better your English rather than your French xD (18:00)

  2. M Sergiu Avatar

    How cool this person is. Love him.

  3. 77dreimaldie0 Avatar

    28:31 Grammar-triggered: SalesperEson

  4. Makarand Lahane Avatar

    Sir,can you please suggest me or make a video on how to make feelers for computer controlled or player controlled player?

  5. TheLordKraven Avatar

    after 6 months of being subscribed, i now realise the channel's name is a pun for code training haha it's so damn clever

  6. Dave Bhatt Avatar

    can anyone tell making a mail server in p5

  7. hadron89 Avatar

    I've always solved deleting stuff in an array that you're iterating over by doing i–. That way, the next iteration i will be the same, and if it was the last one, the length is now 1 smaller, so the same i is now bigger than the length.

    Solves everything.

  8. Jordan Habash Avatar

    I'm shouting you out to my programming class tomorrow

  9. Dave Bhatt Avatar

    sir please tell how to redirect to a page/url in p5.js

  10. realcygnus Avatar

    superb ! as per usual

  11. Red Hen dev Avatar Here's a (longer than planned) video of adding steering behaviour to pong ai (javascript, using p5). Hope it's useful/interesting to somebody!

  12. 李云龙 Avatar

    I want to learn something about machine learning algorithm with code practice

  13. shubham kumar roy Avatar

    you r awsum…
    and ur videos are amazing…
    can u give us the whole tutorial of c++ and Java.

  14. Xin Zhao Avatar

    China, here I am;)

  15. Jasorsi Ghosh Avatar

    1:35:45 seconds he uses the F word 😛

  16. Berries gone Smoothie Avatar

    Since it's not so much about trains, you should program a train following a track from topdown-view. 😀 Ive tried it before and failed haha. Im sure bezier curves and points could be a way to lay the track, but how to get the train following the track, with all the carts behind…

  17. András Gyarmati Avatar

    1:58:00 i think it had the same food perception radius and poison p. radius

  18. Sebastián Mestre Avatar

    daaamn daniel.. nice haircut!

  19. San Coca Avatar

    LOLLLLL nice intro

  20. Shemar McLean Avatar

    Do you know how to make concentrated dark matter?

  21. Adithya Avatar

    I love 2 bcom … u…….And A great (FAN)of u… aswelll ………can u give me any AdViCe…..BTW Im from InDiA…..

  22. Marius Pop Avatar

    Welcome back Dan!

  23. Sakthees Waran Avatar

    hi pls teach about genetic algorithm

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