Live Stream #93: Session 3 of “Intelligence and Learning” Continued

In this live stream, I continue my series on Machine Learning, covering Linear Regression. I demonstrate how to code linear regression with the ordinary least squares method in JavaScript, using the p5.js library.

This video is part of the third session of my ITP “Intelligence and Learning” course (

Edited videos:
Linear Regression with Ordinary Least Squares – Part 1:
Linear Regression with Ordinary Least Squares – Part 2:

17:50 – Presenting today’s topic
32:40 – Intro to Linear Regression
1:00:20 – Part 2 of Linear Regression

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21 responses to “Live Stream #93: Session 3 of “Intelligence and Learning” Continued”

  1. Lanky Smurph Avatar

    g4m3m4ni4c = gamemaniac?

  2. Lanky Smurph Avatar

    I love it when he's explaining something and then pauses for just a split second with that "Do I know what I'm talking about?" look on his face. Half the time he moves on immediately, the other half he ends up taking a 20 minute break only to find out "Yes, I do know what I'm talking about."

  3. Bloudman Avatar

    For the polynomial regression maybe it is possible to implement this because I remember I have implement the Lagrange interpolation algorithm and it is not so hard to understand but I think the problem is that matrix inversion does not exist in js as in matlab …. and it is an high complexity algorithm… so it could be a bad idea too :p

  4. J Morrison Avatar

    I followed along, and created a DataSet class which adds and removes points at will. It also calculates the sums along the way, minimizing loops through. Also added helper functions for adding points:

  5. Daniel Liao Avatar

    Hi Dan, is it your plan to extend this neuralnet Javascript library to a proper neuralnet library equivalent to something like keras or pytorch?

  6. bytestormbr Avatar

    Hi! Great videos! What about the classic Pacman?

  7. Aaron Bies Avatar

    I actually wrote a polynomial model in python some days ago. In case you're interested:
    (It requires Tensorflow to run)

  8. Finduz11 Avatar

    Couldn't you call linearRegression() and drawLine() when you add a new line? This way it only calculates a new m and b when more points are added

  9. David Flores Castillo Avatar

    Great job teacher I been Learning so much with your videos

  10. Keyga Avatar

    OMG im soo excited about the neural networks 🙂

  11. ShortyDP16 Avatar

    Started coding with your videos. It was a long journey, but I finally Finished my first mobile game!

  12. Eric Jost Avatar

    It's such a relief that you are not a temperature scale racist.

  13. Dennis Pieruschka Avatar

    thats me in a couple of coding years xD

  14. Adolfo Ocampo Avatar

    Good morning sensei!

  15. Makarand Lahane Avatar

    Sir will you please make a tic tac toe game with minimax algorithm

  16. Dave Mcglauflin Avatar

    post a bitcoin address and i will give u coin

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