Live Stream #97: Perceptron Follow-up and Frogger Refactoring

In this episode, I follow-up on two previous topics. First, I add features to the Perceptron Coding Challenge ( I also work on refactoring the code of the Frogger Coding Challenge (

Edited videos:
Perceptron Follow-up:
Frogger Refactoring:

9:51 – Intro to today’s topics
17:48 – Coding Challenge: Perceptron Follow-up
1:12:30 – Coding Challenge: Frogger Refactoring
2:00:02 – Conclusion/Q&A

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26 responses to “Live Stream #97: Perceptron Follow-up and Frogger Refactoring”

  1. Kino -Imsure1200q Avatar

    Please put the song in the comments Dan.

  2. Ola Söderlind Avatar

    when you come to use more then one Perceptron salv this line(curve)
    float f(float x){
    return pow((x*2),2)-1 ;
    }// function f

  3. Ola Söderlind Avatar

    make so the Perceptron count Error and make output as a float.
    and pit difrent outupts like seboyfunction or the one u yous

  4. Ola Söderlind Avatar

    make a quick simplePerceptron (refactor/convert) to pyton or c++

  5. ryanshaver Avatar

    5:22 My day has been made.

  6. Heca Tonecles Avatar

    Hi Daniel, i think your intersect function have still 2 errors,
    so i think you are lucky that your frog not die to fast.
    uhm… you are said you test the non intersect case and you say it is not intersect
    when "…|| top > obottom || .." but i think this is the test of the intersect case.
    i think you mean "…|| top < obottom ||…". this is one of the errors but the other one
    you will see directly ;D . And yeah im not the only one that see this errors.

    i hope my english is not to bad so you can unterstand it :/

  7. CAMILOL Avatar

    Hi daniel, it would be great if you make a video about how to use a processing sketch as a desktop background :), thank you.

  8. Rylynn Avatar

    I made a p5.js Frogger implementation with sprites based on your code. I really have fun watching your videos !
    Cheers from France !

  9. Unknown No Avatar

    you had a huge impact on my life, you're the best teacher i've ever had.
    and if i ever succeeded as a developer, that'd be thanks to you and i will never forget that.

  10. Marc Blanchon Avatar

    Hello , just a suggestion, it's just a matter of couple lines of codes but you could extend this perceptron to classify 3D data and etxtend you line to be a plane. Just recovering the main idea of the MLP that should be able to classify N dimension data. The visualization over more than 3 dimension can be a bit tough but in the mean time by just extrapolating this 2D process to a 3D process we can then think about what is the action on the Nth dimension. Great video and still enjoying these video 🙂 !

  11. Super Marcocococococococococo Avatar

    I can't stop myself from keep watching at yoour videos! So entertaining and educational. I love your speaking style and your outlook. You are my teacher on programming and coding. At first I thought programming is complicated, but when I watch your video, I love coding and programing very much. Thank you very much. From Hong Kong. (p.s. my English is bad, hope you wont mind) Pls subscribe The Coding Train!!!!!! Brilliant!

    Great Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sean Gallagher Avatar

    I love your videos i love your theme. I love how you make your videos. And i really want to look at other channels like yours who do maybe other languages. Or if you did other languages it would be even better. Basically, i wish all coding channels learned from you. And do you have any recommendations 🙂

  13. GIGA Avatar

    Would it be possible to have the points be generated by a random function that could be non-linear and have the Perceptron approximate the non-linear function? Also, could the error between the given line and the Perceptron's guess be printed to the screen? Great vid btw!

  14. someuser17 Avatar

    I'd like to see the one video of Frogger in javascript.

  15. Tim MacDonald Avatar

    Crazy Idea for a coding challenge…. implement an interpreter, perhaps a subset of BASIC or GASP, Turtle Logo (because "Turtles" and nostalgia.)

  16. Person101 Avatar

    ok so I was stocking someone on youtube then i found your channel, and i have to say……. IT IS FUCKING AMAZING AND VIBRANT

  17. Randy King Avatar


    There's no extend in p5.js… Now what do I do??? 🙁

  18. Thie V Avatar

    I can see this video in the subscription

  19. The Generation's Code Avatar

    I kinda had a crush on him now…hahahhah lol great tutorial always

  20. Zerd X Avatar

    Great Thanks for this

  21. Kelly Murphy Avatar

    Your lane type could/should be an enum. But not sure you want to cover enum's yet.

  22. Fatin Khawarizmi Avatar

    We learn only if we make mistakes 😉

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