Live Stream Archive – ITP Spring Show 2018 (Better Audio)

Live stream archive from the ITP 2018 Spring Show. This version has been updated with microphone audio. The original live stream (with archived chat) can be found here:

2:27 – Rocket Slinger by Lucas Chung, Shreiya Chowdhary
4:10 – Polynote by Itay Niv
7:25 – Five to Nine by Brandon Newberg, Kimberly Lin
10:20 – Misundersthood by Terrick Gutierrez
19:30 – Invisible Sculptures by Yeseul Song
23:35 – Bots, Cells and Humans Watching by Sebastian Morales
25:40 – Search Divides Us by Anthony Bui, Asha Veeraswamy, Katherine Wu, Keerthana Pareddy
28:35 – Faceblurk by Chelsea Chen
30:30 – Timeline of the Far Future by Dongphil Yoo, Joohyun Park
32:37 – Traveling in Style with Google Street View by Jim Schmitz
34:52 – Open Kinetics: Move, Play, Lean by Nathaniel Padgett
36:52 – Let Me Give Light by Yunho Choi
39:40 – Perfect Housewife by Yihan Chen
42:42 – Philosophycal / Feel-oh-so-fickle by Utsav Chadha
45:00 – Painting Mirror by Ellen Nickles
46:22 – Living Canvas by Nathier Fernandez, Shreiya Chowdhary
49:04 – Programmable Air by Amitabh Shrivastava
51:40 – Solar Powered Art installation by Anita Mbabazi
53:19 – Talking Stone by Roland Arnoldt
56:10 – Revenge of Left Shark by Caleb Ferguson, Gabriel Goncalves
1:00:20 – SELF POOL by Carlie Yutong Zhang
1:03:20 – Ojo Oro – Thesis by Ari Melenciano
1:07:11 – it will be perfect from now on by Ziyu He
1:11:19 – Expressive Tactile Controls by Hayeon Hwang
1:14:35 – Kinegrams by Mithru Vigneshwara
1:15:55 – Gold Hunter by Yuhan Zhang
1:18:00 – Primate Quest by Elizabeth Ferguson, Haiyi Huang, Vidia Anindhita, Ella Chung
1:22:30 – Interior Design with Machine Learning by Zahra Khosravi
1:23:55 – AirTNT by Yue Fan
1:26:15 – Panopticon by Barak Chamo, Tong Wu
1:28:20 – BrainWave by Ivy Huang, Joohyun Lee, Ridwan Madon
1:29:45 – Harmony from Chaos by Sam Chasan
1:31:52 – In Orbit by Ayal Rosenberg, Isabella Vento
1:35:32 – Metron Busker by Wenqi Li
1:37:22 – Mimosa by Ridwan Madon
1:38:32 – Climate Change Twister by Brandon Newberg, Jiyao Zhang
1:41:20 – Digital Rothko by Jason Yung
1:43:40 – Reactive Display by M.H. Rahmani
1:45:47 – The Handy by Adekemi Sijuwade
1:48:35 – Conductive Crystallized Textiles by Sandy Hsieh
1:51:20 – byte by Arnav Wagh, Lauren Race, Lucas White
1:53:15 – Applying AR to Cardiac Rehab by Ran TIAN
1:55:58 – Creative Puppeteer by Zohreh Zadbood
1:58:10 – The Crossings by Siman Li
1:59:06 – Missing 10 Hours :: Multi-ending Social VR Piece by Fanni Fazakas, Huiyi Chen
2:01:18 – Deconstruction mirror: a bend in space and time by Sofia Suazo
2:02:46 – A Fresh View, a look into the Cyprus Problem by Ariana Vassilopoulou






12 responses to “Live Stream Archive – ITP Spring Show 2018 (Better Audio)”

  1. LiveingMc - Avatar

    Wow wow Wow WOW WOOOOOOOW SO AMAZING CANT Wait TO Go to the next one myself! Woooooow. Edit(hope you have a good time moving)

  2. Alan Gomez Avatar

    I really thought that the group introducing themselves at 25:50 would sing the backyardigans theme song.

  3. Carn Sarnit Avatar

    Yihan should get in touch with Simone Giertz ;-D

  4. Daniel Cortex Avatar

    Gracias por compartir esa experiencia con nosotros. Thats was really awesome.

  5. kuku swuro Avatar

    One day. One day

  6. Ernest G. Wilson II Avatar

    @DanielShiffman first let me say as always thumbs up and I am subscribed with notifications turned on and a patron. Thank you for making time in your schedule to video and share this with all of us. I would like to specifically address those times where you put on headphones and had concerns for all of us viewers, please always experience each of the artists work and share it with us, there are many of us that will never be able to attend in person and the only chance we will get to wear the headphones is via you and your account. Please do continue to try everything and share with us, thank you! On a side note, I like how you take the time to thank many of the folks by name, I am sure when they watch your video account they will be thankful and you truly are respectful, for that we thank you as always.

  7. Marc Paterson Avatar

    Watching this with my daughter who is into art and coding. We love the shark dude!

  8. Tom Kache Avatar

    Very cool projects!

  9. Empiricists Academy Avatar

    Like for epic dance moves at 8:25

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