🔴 LIVE: SuperChat Design Critiques! #1

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Come chill out and have some fun!

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9 responses to “🔴 LIVE: SuperChat Design Critiques! #1”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hey guys! Just to let everyone know I've read many comments about me being "too gentle" with the critiques. I want to thank everyone for commenting and supporting the channel it's super amazing. I've taken your feedback onboard, I have been gentle in my critiques. So I'm going to take note of this and be a bit more critical in my next critiques. Something I want to be very clear about is encouragement. It's so important to understand that critiquing isn't just saying what's bad about a design – it's about giving encouragement to the participant.

    Critiquing is about offering a different solution to a problem, weighing up the good and bad. So I'm not going to be nasty or say unnecessary things that will hurt other designers.

    I hope you guys understand what I'm saying here, I just want to make sure we're all on the same page when we do these crits. You all mean the world to me! Thank you for taking the time and making the choice to keep viewing my content, it makes me more happy beyond belief.

    Comment below if you've read all of this, I would love to know your thoughts. 🙂

    Will x

  2. Rawan El-Siwy Avatar

    I think your critiques are great will and I really appreciate what you're doing! I think your pointing out the flaws well and being constructive with your criticism. It's hard to get in contact with logo developers to ask for their opinion but you're trying to help out and make it easy for people to contact you! Thank you for that 🙂

  3. Manny Donaire Avatar

    ..hey will… you have to take my word on this. Be more critical/harsh on crits and less cookie cutter. Please please please look at Chris Do's 'The Futur' (that's how it's spelled) latest critique on Youtube and you'll get the idea that people that are submitting 'need' honest feedback. If they get hurt, that's 'their' problem. If they're gonna get their feelings hurt, it's either now or later. Better now.

  4. Jakei Avatar

    omg i left it open and now its unlisted

  5. Mickey O'Conway Avatar

    I honestly prefer the old format. Seems like you spent more time talking about super chat than about the designs. Also, I watch you for your expertise, not your audience's. I don't so much care what they think, as what you think. Keep it simple, man. There was nothing wrong with the old format. The is so much wrong with this one.

  6. Jaylen Fast Avatar

    Whoever bought the iPad Pro should return it…news coming out in March!

  7. Cokolwiek Cokolwiek Avatar

    Will is too gentle to help. I think people want more "in the face" critiques to improve.

  8. Johnson97 Avatar

    How did you do this with the guidelines at 1:24:50 ?

    I would love to see a video about your illustrator tips and tricks, as i see, there are some!

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