🔴 LIVE: SuperChat Design Critiques! Ep | 2

Start 3:20
Critiques 7:17

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Come chill out and have some fun!

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Brushes :






8 responses to “🔴 LIVE: SuperChat Design Critiques! Ep | 2”

  1. Brayden Moore Avatar

    Your music sounds like the inside of an H&M

  2. BA_Tech Avatar

    You did not put the songs in the description sir – I'm sad. haha

  3. Edilson Villatoro Avatar

    Hey, what's the name of the song at 6:30? Thanks guys! Excellent work, Will Paterson!

  4. Andrew Wheeler Avatar

    That CH Kids logo looks like the i is someone hanging themselves!

  5. Jawfy Avatar

    The name for the series: "Pimp your logo" 😉

  6. Design Commuter Avatar

    I find this idea somewhat funny but useful. Hahaha. We should totally promote something like this to freelancers who has a lack of designer interactions.

  7. J Ruse Avatar

    What's the name of the song at minute 16:50? Please, I really like it lol

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