Logo Design And Hand Lettering Equipment 2016

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38 responses to “Logo Design And Hand Lettering Equipment 2016”

  1. Dean Lambert Avatar

    Best pencil for logo design sketching?


    Amazing video! Thank you for the info…heading to the Lettering Logo Design Course now πŸ™‚


    You have inspired me to learn graphics design!

  4. Alokozia Avatar

    nice video
    i need that book that shown in video ?

  5. slashwhatever.com Avatar

    Personal opinion; avoid Moleskin like the plague. Clairefontaine and Rhodia have much better anti-feathering qualities.

  6. Shelby Reynolds Avatar

    another reason why the microns are an industry standard are the lack of fumes and bleed compared to other brands. <3 great video. Im so glad I ran across you. Im a young hand letterer and just posted my first "pilot" youtube video. it would be great if you check it out and gave me some critique. my Instagram is where I have been posting at since I started. https://www.instagram.com/curiosity_with_shelby/

  7. Mads D Avatar

    Can you recommend any good paper for pens and blackletter calligraphy? I hate when the ink (e.g. the ink from the Sakura pens) spreads. Finally, how do you write so straight? For some reason when I write, my baseline skews upwards :p


    Can you tell me please when will the Course be available. and will it be free or if not how much will it cost. I really appreciate your work and I want this course so desperately. πŸ™‚

  9. scott mclean Avatar

    Hy Will, jus come across your typography/ logo design video. very professional video by the way. clear and informative and back ground music fitted and complemented it. I'm after some advice please. I'm currently trying to come up with a logo and or name for my future joinery business. I'm planning it to be crisp, simple, memorable and of course professional. I am thinking for my t-shirt which will be dark navy, a outline of a traditional Handsaw in white with my name and the word joinery above it on left side and the symbol for city and guilds which is the qualification I'm getting on opposite side. I don't want to get to smart with design as it may over complicate it.

  10. xJaKoBz Avatar

    Hey, Will!
    Great and inspiring video, I really enjoyed watching it.
    I've been searching for the dotted notebook by moleskin on amazon, but can't seem to find it. Where do you buy yours from?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Space White Avatar

    hey i was wonderjng if you could help me out in being a logo designer I've practicing for a couple years now and my friends have told me to look into designing logos i just dont know how to get involved or how to start, pls email me

  12. hsin wei teo Avatar

    Thanks for posting your videos! They're turning out really well and I just enjoy watching them. I'm new to graphic design, starting in a design school so your stuff is awesome to me! Liked your video πŸ™‚

  13. Nick Deshpande Avatar

    Thanks Will! Another hit.

  14. Bruna M Avatar

    About your course, do you have an idea about how much it will be? I don't know if you answered this already or not, I found you pretty recently

  15. Scenerio23 Avatar

    clutch pen pointer where art thou

  16. PhotoShop Backgrounds ETC. Avatar

    Can you do a video on going through the whole of you sketchbook? P.S Good video

  17. tranka Avatar

    3:00 oh, so you rap too

  18. tinafay Avatar

    Hey Will I want to know your opinion on Fiverr? Dyou think it will impact majorly on logo designers?

  19. Martin Lemaire Avatar

    Hey Will, i was wondering, you didn't talk about your leads, which ones do you use ?

  20. Erica Rodriguez Avatar

    I really want to get into hand lettering; this is a really helpful video, thanks!

  21. jonathan sundaram Avatar

    I would like to make a suggestion with regards to notebooks/journals I have used the dotted grids from Moleskine in the past and have actually found Baron Fig notebooks to be a lot higher in quality I think you would also like them

  22. Kelly Bear Avatar

    Thanks for the tips. Greatly appreciated.

  23. Kirk Stanovich Avatar

    I like how interactive you are with you're viewers. It obviously will get harder to do as you grow, but it's refreshing to see you interacting with others.

  24. Brendan Laird Avatar

    Just signed up for the email notification for that course. Looking forward to seeing more about it

  25. Trent Berrien Avatar

    You sharpened the led wrong. It should be done on the table.

  26. Brian Leiter Avatar

    Great video Will! Just went ahead and "Liked"

  27. Shlycer Avatar

    Will, thanks for being awesome. I learned illustrator in just three days using your tutorials! πŸ˜€

  28. Carl Mc	Daniel Avatar

    Thank you for this man I really appreciate it.

  29. Manny Donaire Avatar

    Will, you should get a rolling ruler, save the time and energy drawing lines.
    Moleskins are too expensive, but I may fork over the dough since they have the grid, some time soon.
    My artillery:
    sketchbook(various kinds), graph paper, tracing paper
    tombow pen
    micron pens
    sharpies(normal and oil based, black, bronze, silver, white and gold)
    scanner app on iPhone
    water brush (3 kinds, and 3 different weights)
    copic pens
    nibs (nikko g, brause 66ef, blue pumpkin, zebra)
    nib holders (many types)
    parallel pens (haven't used it yet)
    broad tip/chisel tip calligraphy pens
    lightbox that tattooists use! they're portable and thin as fuck!
    mechanical pencil
    lead holder with leads
    normal pencils
    pencil sharpeners
    lead pointers
    uniball (underrated motherfucker of all pens! easy to sketch with)
    rolling ruler
    liner brushes
    script brushes
    One-shot paint
    ..and Adobe CC and my brain filled with ideas/concepts

  30. Fatma Yousuf Avatar

    You talk slow, so I always watch your videos in 1.25x speed. Not a negative comment, just wanted to let you know. πŸ˜›
    Great video nevertheless!

  31. DIY FILM STOP Avatar

    what microphone are you using

  32. Andrew F. Avatar

    Mr.Patterson. Thank you for creating these videos. They have helped me a lot as I am already in my journey to be a freelance graphic designer to where I may eventually work for a company. If you ever make to the U.S.A, why not try to visit a sunny south eastern state. Take care for now. πŸ™‚

  33. Alif Arya Wiranda Avatar

    good video sir.
    what is the song you used?

  34. Benedikt W Avatar

    Wow really like your videos πŸ™‚ I am a 15yo German Student and I enjoy watching your videos. I've learned a lot of you πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work mate

  35. Will Paterson Avatar

    Thanks for watching! Love you guys x <3

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