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22 responses to “LOGO DESIGN | How To Choose The Right Typeface”

  1. Christian Sangiuseppe Avatar

    Useful video. What formal script font is the one you have used on the third Congratulations out of curiosity?

  2. Shaamil Ahmed Avatar

    U didn't objectively answer the question…

  3. Ivana Koprivica Avatar

    Sometimes really annoying me complicate letter's form to that point that they are not readable anymore. :)))) Aaaaaa, I hate them.

  4. LiAk0sW4y Avatar

    This was extremely informative! Thanks

  5. Brandon Bailey Avatar

    thanks this vid explains things in a simple clear way

  6. Moutassim A. Avatar

    So what would you recommend for a company that is based on adventure toursim?

  7. Abraham Urias Avatar

    did you go to college for this!,?

  8. Michael Mack Avatar

    Dude!!! You freaking Awesome!!! I'm new to the game and I was really having trouble thinking about fonts. This really clear things up for me. Love the Videos…

  9. ryan hinchcliff Avatar

    Hey will. This is good basic info. My only complaints would be that it all feels a bit rushed, especially when you show the printed papers. Also i would have loved like 5 more business examples and typeface choices (barber, photographer, dentist, car shop, hairstylist ect) <— thats the reason i came to the video and didnt get the aha! i was looking for. (still subscribed and watch every video. Just putting in my 2 cents :P)

  10. Xirmith Avatar

    Comic Sans is always the best choice

  11. lady bikinii Avatar

    ohhh that's knowledgeable ^^

  12. Fazil Vn Avatar

    Great Information 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  13. Shannon Luedke Avatar

    Good video and I like your hair curl.

  14. theawesomenaa Avatar

    Omg! Great tips! Good brief history and background of the fonts! Thanks for adding to my knowledge 😀

  15. we photo gal Avatar

    new subscriber – great little concise video.

  16. Adriana Martínez Avatar

    Hi Will, could you make a video explaining how to legally use a typeface for logo/branding?

  17. maga ibaquez Avatar

    a lot of the things you say, i know it already but is always good hear it again 🙂 thk !! <3

  18. Namikpasha Studio Avatar

    how about client want something elegant + fun ?

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