Logo Design Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: How to maker logo Text
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19 responses to “Logo Design Photoshop CS6 Tutorial”

  1. AJz Vines and Vlogs Avatar

    Everything done,just cant do the the last brush thing,the circle with brush is not making,can u tell me what`s the problem?

  2. Shanto _Das Avatar

    give me 1st background music name or link plz

  3. Pray Green Avatar

    bro you ur wordings is terrible but nice video

  4. HAMZA KHAN Avatar

    can you sent me the link where i can get photoshop cs6 free

  5. Merunas M Avatar

    hey, i cant find ur font bauhaus 93 help pls..

  6. Dylan Aquino Avatar

    Nice again sir.. and so much easy to follow.. many thanks!

  7. Patrick Mut Avatar

    please what is the sound track at 03:35? thank you

  8. Ladislav Bečvář Avatar

    Guys, I must ask you. When I want to create gradient layer, I can make only black, gray, white. How can I switch on the other colors? Thank you very much for answer!

  9. James Boy Avatar

    hi i subscribed u..happy??

  10. Oscar Galindo :D Avatar

    I loved the video friend thank you very much greetings from Mexico!

  11. Cedrill Cabatingan Avatar

    I've been watching alot of PS tutorials but Yours I find very educating and easy to follow bcoz you put too much attention on where and what to click step by step..tnxxx

  12. Photoshop Picture Editor Avatar

    Photoshop Tutorial: Greative PORTRAIT made only of TEXT

  13. françois francois Avatar

    jolie effet merci 😉

  14. Rios Ramzi Avatar

    so simple so badass

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