Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial

Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial. How to make logo design in photoshop cs6

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30 responses to “Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. JMartrr Avatar

    Next time don't put gay fucking music

  2. NJ Mortalla Avatar

    wtf the intro is like funeral

  3. Pepe Avatar

    Could you use this for a youtube channel or would you require a licence?

  4. Professor Owl Avatar

    What is the name of the sound ? :3

  5. Rijan Regmi Avatar

    can you please explain 07:59. how pictures appears on that logos !!

  6. MD444:D Avatar

    what with the music XDD

  7. Govindaswamy Balaji Avatar

    bro u can make a logo for me name ANDROID FREAKS PLEASE BRO

  8. SmoreDog Avatar

    I copied this logo and used it this is what it looks like (I used MS Word to make it )

  9. daud khan Avatar

    thanks so much i ve done

  10. Sourav Mondal Avatar

    Plz send your mail id

  11. Sourav Mondal Avatar

    Can I send our club logo

  12. ijaz khan Avatar

    hi… i m ijaz khan, and i am working on logo designing from last 2 year, i am making awesome logo on fiverr, is you need contact on fiverr (ijazpatati )

  13. Sourav Mondal Avatar

    I try to create my club logo but I can't do this. Will you help me? If you will ready to help I send that logo.

  14. Tech Mastan Avatar

    please tell me how can i download the new version of photoshop?

  15. Youtube Avatar

    I do all kind of logo projects.Feel free to contact me here.Thanks.http://www.fiverr.com/nadeepa/design-very-unique-logo-for-you

  16. vy tran Avatar

    What app did u use ?

  17. Cancerous Calls Avatar

    Could not complete your request because of the content of layer is not directly editable :/

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