Logo Design Subscriber Critique!!! Ep: 18

In this video, I critique your logo submissions! There are so many submissions so I’m glad to be able to help you guys out in this way. The main takeaway in this critique is to keep the design simple and not to be overzealous in your ornamentation!

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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10 responses to “Logo Design Subscriber Critique!!! Ep: 18”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video!!!!

  2. Johnny Mena Avatar

    I would definitely like you to critique my personal logo, and I would definitely update it!

  3. Dalek Bricks Avatar

    Also, I think Denis is spelled right! The email uses one "n" as well 🙂

  4. Robert Loyale Avatar

    A lot of these would be amazing T-Shirts! Just Saying..

  5. Dalek Bricks Avatar

    Yes! Love this series. I'd ask you to critique my logo, but it's not much of a logo, just a LEGO minifigure! Keep it up, Will 🙂

  6. Gerben den Boer Avatar

    That second logo was supposed to say "kvetz" but even after you analyzed it, you didnt see it. So that does say something about the logo itself

  7. Matthew Lynch Avatar

    Hey Will, I sent you my logo to review a good while ago! I’m a product designer and would love to see if you think my logo fits
    My email is matthewlynchdesigns@gmail just search it. I’d send it again but the link to send it isn’t in the description.
    Love the channel keep it up.

  8. Will Paterson Avatar

    Submit your logo here: breakdzns@gmail.com 🙂

  9. Aaron Endicott Avatar

    Finally notified! Lets goo

  10. Carlos Rodriguez Avatar

    Critic my logo Will please

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