Logo Design Tutorial | Abstract Minimalism

In this video, I show you how to design your own abstract logo by using some amazingly simple tools within Adobe Illustrator CC.

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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26 responses to “Logo Design Tutorial | Abstract Minimalism”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Mainly for beginners learning Illustrator. Let me know if you have a video request below!

  2. William Covington Avatar

    Stuck on trying to come up with a logo nothing jumps out at me….

  3. Roberto Munoz Avatar

    Can you do a reading recommendation video?

  4. Chaze Graphics Avatar

    Haha I remember Draplin. Vectors are free.

  5. NekoTJ Avatar

    please do more tutorials! This was a lifesaver since i just started my 1st term in graphic design.

  6. Abigail Loney Avatar

    Mind blown! this was awesome, super helpful!

  7. Elias Newman Avatar

    Great video as usual! Please do more like this for affinity designer for iPad Pro!!! Your my hero Will Paterson.

  8. neil cooper Avatar

    hi will on one of your last videos critiquing there was one design with the elfenblume logo been trying to do that for 2 weeks.

  9. YewTewbe Avatar

    HEYGUYSWHATSGOINGONITSMEWILLPATTERSON….. dude, I'll give you actual cash if you please stop shouting at me at 200mph at the start of every video. It puts me on edge, seriously.

  10. Marty Michael Avatar

    Brilliant video! Thanks for the tips

  11. Bless Creatics Avatar

    Great Video Will. Juat started an Illustrator Beginner series in my channel. I'll also be doing tutorials like this. Thanks for the small tips and tricks. Much helpful.

  12. Ollie Drake Avatar

    Please do a critique on the new John Lewis and Waitrose rebrand

  13. cweb1988 Avatar

    tutorials and behind the scenes to the creative process starting from design brief are where it's at.

  14. x64hitcombo Avatar

    Whoa whoa whoa you should definitely do a lot more tutorials! This was really great! I love the industry knowledge you share, but i almost prefer this actual hands on, technical knowledge. It would be great if you could edit in the windows shortcuts too

  15. David Pruitt Avatar

    Bro! A tutorial! Nice! Great job, brother!

  16. Eduardo Valderramos Avatar

    Willlllllllll I want to send you some of my work, soon. My homework has been to watch all your videos lately, greeting from Honduras!

  17. SOM DESIGN'S Avatar


  18. Atila Balint Avatar

    hecc yeah, why do i love design so much?…..

  19. Hudaibia Syed Avatar

    More tutorial please

  20. Leo Volynski Avatar

    Are you having a nice day?

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