Logo Design Tutorial | The Golden Ratio ✏️

A video you guys have wanted for quite some time is one about how to use the golden ratio with logo design. I’ve always put this off as it’s not as simple as I’ve put it in the ten minute video. Hope you guys find this helpful!

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47 responses to “Logo Design Tutorial | The Golden Ratio ✏️”

  1. cburg Avatar

    Golden Ration A.K.A Fibonacci Sequence in Visual Form for all you mathematicians

  2. Richmond Boswell Avatar

    In the beginning, there was some weird stuff going on with your camera. Idk if it was a filter or something, but it would subtly switch from redish tones to a yellowish green and back and forth. It wasn't too noticeable, but it just caught my eye.

  3. Cynthia DC Avatar

    can you mix the circle and the shell golden ratio shapes to make a logo that has both rectangular and circular shapes?

  4. Rafał Warniełło Avatar

    Finally I understood what is all about! Thank you. 😀

  5. Alvars Clothing Avatar

    MATUR NUWUN ( javanese language)

  6. Enrico the Cat Avatar

    you can find the golden ratio anywhere which is why it is stupid to say you need to use it to make a difference. da vinci didn't use it.

  7. Xempt 21 Avatar

    Where can I download a good golden ratio image to use for my designs? and BTW, Phenomenal Tutorial Thank you so much Sir! If feels like we graphic designers learn more in YouTube than in our own college.

  8. kai Avatar

    does anyone have a link to a document with all the circles and stuff?

  9. Seb Jamous Avatar

    Will, small thing that's driving me mad. When I've got the move tool selected I don't get the option to scale the rectangles from the corner – I have blue corners not white. I can scale with free transform tool but it tends not to snap to point as well. Any ideas??

    Thanks 🙂

  10. nasrin kausar Avatar

    Very fine and wonderful tutorial. Anyone can easily understand all tools and learn more. It is also helpful for me. Checkout the link to make your won better LOGO- https://www.fiverr.com/s2/04ba35d16d

  11. Muhammad Fuady Avatar

    Hello will, whats microphone that you used?

  12. MysticBlast3r26 Avatar

    when a ad comes up at the beggining the video of 2.51 mins

  13. timothy hill Avatar

    Was the project real for the Pr logo did the logo get used?

  14. Troy Flowers Avatar

    Bravo! Thanks Will.
    Keep up the great work!

  15. Stephen Parkinson Avatar

    Will, did you design the Blind logo?

  16. Raghu R M Avatar

    Can you please tell me how did you make the golden ratio in guides as you have in this video ☺️

  17. sarah morelli Avatar

    thanks for showing me the boring parts as well helpfull video i appreciate it i dont like math

  18. Michel Soriano Avatar

    wow this make things very clear!!!! Good job

  19. Shaun Masi Avatar

    Congrats. You're is basically my graphics teacher from here-forth

  20. LockerGremlin Avatar

    Calls it a tutorial, says "So instead of me showing you how I did it" and skips to the end :/

  21. Aaron Kaminski Avatar

    Considering you never actually said what the golden ratio was, I'm hella confused.

  22. Neithan Avatar

    Sure, let's throw the golden spiral and then draw a logo on top of it that has dozen's of other design and geometrical concepts and we'll be able to say we used the golden ratio to design our logo "wooww mad skillz". What a load of crap.

  23. James Avatar

    I feel like I'm in a lecture or something, thanks professor

  24. ahmed hagag Avatar

    i tried to fined it instead of making it but couldn't so i made it and here is the link in case someone is locking for it as i did

  25. arko128 Avatar

    What is the name of font you used?

  26. Kaegama Avatar

    how come my copied squares aren't the same size they're like an inch off

  27. 赵恩世 Avatar

    The last HR logo looks like the Chinese character 彦

  28. hodog87 Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful! I have a question. At 6:32 you talk about cutting the circle. I Googled and couldn't find a method as quick and simple as shown. Will you please share the steps used? Thank you!

  29. Randy E Ray Avatar

    I am a bit confused on how to use the golden ratio in logo design? i'm not sure as to what i am looking at visually in following the lines of the ratio?

  30. BeatBum Gaming Avatar

    Yo who made the ending beat tho? cool stuff!

  31. Serene Kazem Avatar

    You just blew my mind!. thank you for this amazing tutorial. 🙂

  32. Isaac Lagos Avatar

    If anyone is having trouble with the spiral part of the golden ratio make sure to link the width and height before you divide it. I know he did not mention it. So there you go.

  33. Monica Muñoz Avatar

    Thanks Will! I recently started getting into Branding and Design and your videos have been incredibly helpful.

  34. Hammad S Avatar

    Honestly the brochure/website template explanation made no sense. That should've come at the end. Though, I'm still confused what you were talking about even after finishing the video. You just said "this here, that there"….no explanation.

  35. flymoon lu Avatar

    Awesome video! A quick question, can I ask how could you join two curved lines smoothly?around 6:55 of the video. Thank you very much.

  36. Cristian Delgado Avatar

    at 5:00 you said this is how the Golden Rectangle is made. Your 2 squares are not in proportion to the Golden Ratio. Proof? Look at the small square in your left rectangle vs the right rectangle. WRONG. Come on bro.

  37. Richie J Avatar

    11:22 take notes if you're trying sell your ass outside of graphic design

  38. Chris Jackson Avatar

    the Fibonacci Sequence actually is not the golden ratio, it is very close but it is not the same. what makes something look nice is consistency in ratio but the golden one is not the only ratio that looks nice. it has a lot of examples of being done nicely, but there's nothing special about it. theres a spiritual idea behind it that says its connected to everything in the universe but thats dumb. use this ratio if you want but its not the only one so dont limit yourself

  39. dryo98 Avatar

    you sound like BANE, try to tone down your voice and "shoot them out of the plane"

  40. Emad El-Din Mamdouh Avatar

    Thank you, i got it over here =)

  41. Sebastian Bohorquez Avatar

    is the ratio a jojo reference

  42. Aqib khan Avatar

    Ahaan Dear,
    You just confused me for a while but I must say I have learned a lot from this video, Thanks dear 🙂

  43. Dávid Ferenczi Avatar

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    Have a nice day! 🙂

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