Logo Design Workspace In Adobe Illustrator CC

Have you ever wondered why I have my workspace the way I do? In this video, I give you the reasons behind my logo design workspace and why I have them like this.

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31 responses to “Logo Design Workspace In Adobe Illustrator CC”

  1. Basically Nutshell Avatar

    I will have that work space when i will get a 5k display but now sticking with 1360×800 thats like 32(i guess) times smaller then 5k

  2. Robert Pacis Mappala Jr. Avatar

    Hi Will. I'm a big fan of your videos. I want to download your workspace but it's not there anymore, I think the link is dead. Is there maybe any other way that I could get it? Thanks

  3. Insomnia Avatar

    Download link is down, would appreciate a re-upload or a new updated version of the workspace.

  4. Efrem Avatar

    What program do you use to record your videos on the mac? Thanks Efrem 🙂

  5. Andj Avatar

    Any insight on what actions you use?

  6. Orvil Tarango Avatar

    it doesn't allow me to because its not the same format

  7. 煦安 Avatar

    May I ask how you achieved the zoom-in affect at 3:00 Will? Thank you
    Always love your work, and your accent ;^)

  8. Bump Avatar

    When I tried to import the workspace, Illustrator said "Settings in the file do not match the current locale. settings were not imported"

  9. Ahmed Yasir Avatar

    even it is free it requested my credit card number please fix that cause I don't have credit card

  10. Hafizh Arbi Avatar

    Hi Will, can you please explain to us about golden ratio in your next video? Some people say its total bs and some still use it to design logo. Would love to hear your insight on the topic. Thank you!

  11. Ronald Agan Avatar

    Hi.Thank for the video. How to multiple the artboards in illustrator..?

  12. Mcdiem1 Avatar

    You didn't show how to save a workspace once you set one up.

  13. HRISKART Avatar

    Whiuch program do you use to record your screen ?

  14. Felipe Soares Avatar

    You can use the shift+M shortcut. For me, is more quick and easy to make shapes than the pathfinder menu.

  15. MasterofGames Avatar

    its not importing the workspace

  16. DolfinM4trixVG Avatar

    Will I cannot seem to trace over a text design I made on paper in illustrator… I only have a gaming mouse with high DPI so yeah. Can you do me a massive favor and trace over it with stroke 7? If not I understand. https://www.mediafire.com/?6x22npvr7ecyxgk

  17. Ajar Avatar


  18. Clinton Avatar

    If you customise your own work-space, don't forget to save it before you close!

  19. Clinton Avatar

    If you customise your own work-space, don't forget to save it before you close!

  20. Yashwanth Madaka Avatar

    whenever he draws a shape, there is a circle kind of thing near the edges, but I don't get those circles. how to enable them?

  21. Henrik Juhl Avatar

    Thanks for the video Will 🙂 What Mac are you using? It's blazing fast. New iMac?

  22. Duran Diesel Avatar

    Hey Will, any idea on how to get the workspace on pc?

  23. the_L3G. Avatar

    lmao i got banned for a week for "spamming" hahahha wierd defenition of spamming but awell no problem

  24. Baiao Studios Avatar

    what's the discord?

  25. 123 a Avatar

    what is the name of the panel?

  26. Sa Mu Rai Avatar

    We're waiting for texture video 😀 !!

  27. Monica Bella Avatar

    Very informative. Thank you Will!!

  28. EclipseElite AustrianG Avatar

    Great Video Will.
    P.s. Love your Videos and Logos

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