Low Fat Vegan Recipes 7

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There is a vegan version of pretty much anything. Today I’ll make protein packed recipes featuring Seitan (80 – 85% Protein) and TVP (60 – 65% Protein). We’ll be making Barbecue Seitan, Vegan BBQ Sauce, Vegan Sloppy Joes and Sweet Potato Fries.






19 responses to “Low Fat Vegan Recipes 7”

  1. Hanna Torres Avatar

    Love that you are a vegan!!! You are the best

  2. Jayce Soul Avatar

    You got any more recipes I just finished watching the whole playlist and I would like some more. You really make cooking look like fun… or is it just me? Also I really enjoy all the different ingredients that I haven't seen before like vegg or nutritional yeast. I don't know why but the vegg (even if you haven't used it in this video) makes me smile when you use it.

  3. Dan L Avatar

    low fat vegan and my coding guru you couldnt be any cooler 🙂

  4. Chelsea Lee Gilbert Avatar

    I am so happy you are also vegan.

  5. Zsuzsanna Györffy Avatar

    Vegan and computer scientist? That is like the perfect combo. Hello, from a fellow vegan! 🙂

  6. tsgtr Avatar

    No fucking way. I'm watch your programming videos to supplement my courses, and I just randomly browse your channel and see that you make low fat vegan recipes also! Definitely subscribing.

  7. dudicito Avatar

    how much protein does this have?

  8. dasten123 Avatar

    looks so tasty

  9. Raw Vegan Heaven Avatar

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Alice Rose Avatar

    Dang you look like you eat well. Lately I've been struggling with finding good variety and delicious recipes, I just get bored of the things I make and keep eating repetitively. Getting a little bored of rice with veggies, I might try your recipes some time 😀

  11. Jakub Dudek Avatar

    Ill check this one out… my seitan usually sucks:)

  12. terryweb Avatar

    I've made seitan numerous times before, and I can't get over the rubbery texture. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it always tastes like rubber too.  Any tips on what I do wrong with my seitan?

  13. Xanadu245 Avatar

    I've enjoyed these cooking videos. Even though I'm not exactly a vegan by any means, I've tried some of them and they really are good. I also like that you you do videos on what you are interested in at a particular time and your passion/inquisitiveness shows as we learn along with you.

  14. Roman Medvid Avatar

    So weird to hear this voice talking about non-Android stuff, ha-ha ) So unusual for my eye (and for my kitchen) to see various powders, like those of onion and garlic. In my part of the world we operate only on live vegetables. Anyway, it was educational )

  15. Matthew Thornton Avatar

    Woah, Giant Eagle! Flashback from the past. Are you from the 'burgh?

  16. Michael Stokes Avatar

    Is that your wife in the video mixing things? Thanks for sharing; That looks good

  17. Jacksodus Avatar

    [Not a negative comment, read past the first sentence!] This is not at all what I subscribed for, but for some reason this was quite interesting and I have no idea why. Also I laughed way too hard at 2:30 when you spilled half a spoon of paprika for some reason 😛

  18. Mattreds0x Avatar

    Wait a second, you are using bob's red mill grains. Are you a fellow Oregonian?

  19. ShifterCZECH Avatar

    Just one joke: Rock with grass and water 😀

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