Ludum Dare 27 Submission – Satyr Run

Ludum Dare 27
My Java Game

In this video I showcase my 27th ludum dare entry. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

LD27 Entry –

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29 responses to “Ludum Dare 27 Submission – Satyr Run”

  1. mrHowlll Avatar

    there should be more games starring satyrs or at least making them a character

  2. Erik the God Eating Penguin Avatar

    Awesome game. If you keep working on it, you should add clocks that increase the amount of time you have left when collected.

  3. DJ Banders Avatar

    is this on steam if not it should be

  4. bluefirex24 Avatar

    What program did you uses to make the cool sound effects and music?

  5. Dan Evans Avatar

    looks a wee fun game likes love the idea for the 10 secs from point A to point B that's a good idea keep up the work like all ways 😀

  6. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Thanks! Glad you like it!

  7. Master Indie Avatar

    This is awesome 🙂

  8. Electro Avatar

    I think that a death animation would have improved it…

  9. MattThePotato Avatar

    great job man, wish i had time to enter 🙁

  10. cavedog962 Avatar

    Heyyyyy you made a video about it :DI'm really glad you kept the whoa's in the game XD I think the total when I left was around 40 something.

  11. MegaPonokio Avatar

    great game, love the sounds and enjoyed watching the stream.

  12. Funske Avatar

    I am so happy you actually added the woahs I was afread you were not going to do it

  13. talisepman90 Avatar

    He added the "whoah" to the game LMAO!!!!!!

  14. ArthurSportGamer Avatar

    Im Viralaq1 On Twitch I Know You Know Me
    'Do You?

  15. RunicLady Avatar

    He made it himself he says.

  16. Adis Azizan Avatar

    I like it. I hope you can do tutorial like the zombie game with this game. Cheers…

  17. Visionsofmortality Avatar

    Also, the music background reminds me of "Run With The Wolves" from The Prodigy, and I think it is in fact a loop based on that song! Cheers man, gonna play your game for a bit!

  18. Visionsofmortality Avatar

    I wish I could make something like this in only 48h. Also, if it is made in gamemaker I would like to see the code. Have luck!

  19. The Deadly Cherry Avatar

    Very fun game! I liked it!

  20. ironmaneleven Avatar

    hey realtuts were can find that background music

  21. Ronan Van Kessel Avatar

    Lol I dont like the graphics but the gameplay is simple yet addicting

  22. Ompmega Avatar

    GOD, that wooooaaah at the end is so annoying!!!!

  23. shatley123 Avatar

    I'm pretty sure it's in java.

  24. GuginoGaming Avatar

    Whens the next one, i really want to join

  25. JohnnyBoy68 Avatar

    gamemaker? would be good to review/see the code and how you generated the levels.
    Good game !

  26. Chuck Norris Avatar

    40 dollars of 48 hours? lol

  27. Coded Games Avatar

    Is is a work of art.

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