M07.5 (Part 1) – Creating pages & a navigation menu in WordPress

Step 7.5 – part 1 (How to create pages and navigation menus in WordPress using the Divi Builder) of the How to Make a WordPress Website 2016 – Modern WordPress Tutorial by Lurn Digital. Full tutorial located here:

Follow along step-by-step on the Lurn Digital website:

Live example site:

In this step we look at:
– How to create pages in WordPress using the Divi Builder
– How to create pages for your website in WordPress
– How to set a homepage for your WordPress website
– How to create and manage your navigation menu in WordPress

Tools you’ll need to build this WordPress website (affiliate links)
HOSTING (DreamHost discount + FREE domain):

Disclosure: Some of the links provided in this tutorial are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, Lurn Digital will receive a referral or ‘affiliate’ commission. We only refer products that we use, trust and believe in. These payments allow us to continue to bring you free quality content.






2 responses to “M07.5 (Part 1) – Creating pages & a navigation menu in WordPress”

  1. Jonathan Stubbs Avatar

    Just spend 5 minutes trying to fing the "|" button…Its just above the enter button

  2. Jonathan Stubbs Avatar

    When you guys are talking about the footer section you should totally have the text on your website so people can copy paste. For little things like the "pipe" and the "copy logo" ect. Then it would be easier and could follow along better. I like that you are explaining it that's great but would be good to have both.

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