MailChimp Tutorial 2017 | How To Use MailChimp Step By Step For Beginners [Email Marketing]

Learn How To Use Mailchimp From Start To Finish In This Complete Mailchimp tutorial for beginners! Start email marketing with mailchimp. Get Your Mailchimp Template Here:

In this mailchimp tutorial, i will show you how you can create your own campaigns for free and start sending emails to your subscribers simply and easily! We will create lists for your email marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to create templates for your email marketing campaign step by step with mailchimp. Its really easy to use this service and its a free email marketing service as well.

I will also have more tutorial like this to help you with your email marketing campaigns so be sure to subscribe!

I have additional videos that will help with you marketing as well. Here is my facebook marketing video for beginners.

Here is how to set up the bloom plugin by elegant themes.

You can purchase the bloom plugin here as well.

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at






45 responses to “MailChimp Tutorial 2017 | How To Use MailChimp Step By Step For Beginners [Email Marketing]”

  1. Debbie Wong Avatar

    Dear… it's Google A-NA-LY-TICS, not antalytics. 🙂

  2. Nityanand Gope Avatar

    video is quality is very bad

  3. Aj chuan Avatar

    Finally, I found a great video. May i know how to avoid the Gmail Promotions Tab and Get in Primary Tab, because normally Abandoned Cart Recovery Email will go to Promotions , and people won't open it .

  4. feree M. Avatar

    Hi, I have watched your video few times, and everything was ok till I sent the "Test Emails". The massage said they are sent. but they never got to their destinations. Please help.

  5. Amada Anderson Avatar

    Very nice video tutorial. THANK YOU!

  6. Martin King'ori Avatar

    Hi Darrel, in my mailchimp dashboard I don't see automation which i believe is for autoresponders. kindly could you advise why is this please. Thank you.

  7. Priti Sharma Avatar

    I am lil confused
    Can u plz tell me that how to auto send a welcome email to the people who have signed up on my website?
    Was it the embedded part of this tutorial?

  8. James Braddock Avatar

    You skipped over the whole reason I got on your vid…you have to have a website when signing up or faceb or twit acct..I have all of that BUT I just wanted to do a test run and used my in progress wordpress site…not ready for full throttle on this yet…

  9. Abed wehbi Avatar

    Hi Darrel,

    This is really a very nice step by step Mail to WordPress tutorial.

    I just have one question:

    How can mailchimp subscribers become at the same time a registered user on the blog or website, instead of once time to register and another time to subscribe for offers newsletter then on more time subscribe to receive our monthly news letters and so on?

    And does Mailchimp provide relational fields ?

    If for example they selected a value from field one, field two will load the available option accordingly and automatically.

    Thank you!

  10. mae Avatar

    I cannot get my mailchip to work along with my web host. WHAT CAN I DO.. HELP!!

    Thank you in advance

  11. Jon Mumford Avatar

    Thanks Darrel, good tutorial.

  12. Darcy Diamond Avatar

    how do you enter html in the email I have a listing to leads acct and want to transfer there html to mail chimp

  13. MaryAnn Brewer Avatar

    Hey Darrel, How do I add contacts to an already existing automation. I can't seem to get the automation to deliver even though it says it's delivering.

  14. Natalie Rivera Avatar

    the campaign isnt the same as your video. i cant do it since it doesnt look the same.

  15. Natalie Rivera Avatar

    You go too fast and your not exact on what we should add or not add. I cant see what your doing because your scrolling down. i think i saw you have a email written out in the bottom right corner Email Daily Digest. No idea what that is.

  16. Kimura Maikeru Avatar

    Hi Darrel, many thanks for your video. I have one question: Can my clients download my catalog by Google Drive or Dropbox if they did not have one account(Google Drive or Dropbox) ? Thank you.

  17. Joost Mollerus Avatar

    Darrel, Thanks very much for this very helpful video. I have one question. Is there a specific reason why you created a new campaign format at 34:00 , instead of using a template like you created from 21:00 onwards?

  18. Starcore Labs Avatar

    This is a good course "Right Here". You should keep doing more videos "Right Here".

  19. Angela Palmer Avatar

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much!

  20. LEE SOAREZ Inglês do Zero Avatar

    WOW! Thanks, man! Cheers from Brazil 😀

  21. BookMy TourNow Avatar

    is there any way to send responsive emails to someone without taking their consent? i tried to do that from mailchimp but they have blocked my account

  22. Marilyn Kemper Avatar

    Really great tutorial. I am trying to learn how to add a subscribe to my newsletter to my web site for the first time and this was so very informative. Your time is much appreciated. Thank you!

  23. Be Komal Mittal Avatar

    HEY Darrel , can you please do a tutorial on how to create an attractive login/signup form with social logins , as thats the easiest and most preferred way these days to signup .


    I'm sorry… I'm still on the 'Antalytics Ride'. Gotta love it!

    Don't stop though, it'll be your signature word!

  25. Manzar -MM Avatar

    what the heck is Google anti-lice ticks?

  26. delbroox Avatar

    like when you say ook? hate when you say antalytics…good tutorial though

  27. alganeshu Gidey Avatar

    Can we use this to sell services.

  28. mobile marketing Avatar

    Great video! Very helpful.

  29. Linda Karlson Avatar

    How do you undo a move?

  30. Linda Karlson Avatar

    Can a template be created in client A MailChimp account and share the template to client B MailChimp account?

  31. Mercy Anih Avatar

    Thanks alot Darrel.
    I found this really useful… You are such a great teacher!

  32. Odnoo Baldorj Avatar

    Thank you, watched half of it. Already very helpful. thank you

  33. Olga Selyutina Avatar

    Thank you so much! You're really saving me and my Master's project!

  34. Rita Avatar

    haha Darrel ! LOL when you enter 250×250 px for your photo.. and thanks for your great video, It really helps and I really appreciate!!!!

  35. Bro Louie Avatar

    you keep on talking man…. you should go straight about the mailchimp tutorial

  36. PeeR Avatar

    Wow! THANKS!! You got a video about the WordPress MailChimp Plugin ?

  37. Angela Kate Webster Avatar

    Thank you so much for this. Very easy to understand.

  38. Zinnia Grace Cabatit Avatar

    Mailchimp Ignorant to Mailchimp expert after 50++ minutes!!! Awesome tutorial!!!!

  39. Mohammad Noman Khan Avatar

    Can I integrate Gravity Forms with MailChimp to collect email?

  40. Nelson Garcia Avatar

    Hello My company that I am with is currently using constant contact. We have about 1500 subscribers/ clients and we send out email blasts about events that have coming up for my company and sometimes a good amount of subscribers that are in different groups but will get the same email blast 2 or 3 times over. Does Mail Chimp have a feature that filters out a subscriber from getting the same email over and over again.

  41. BEST TSEB Avatar

    hey darrel , can i create a full registaration section in my website with mailchimp ?

  42. Robel Ahommed Avatar

    Darrel i love your tutorials. i seen your tutorials but don't understand the below question.
    "how i get all subscriber email, which is subscribe for news latter from my website"

  43. Pamela Fernandes Avatar

    In RSS feed, does the entire blog post go or is it just a notification. If you want to send the entire post, what do you do for RSS?

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