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  1. Hameed Abdullah Avatar


  2. Priti Sharma Avatar

    Sir m lil confused
    Can u plz tell me if people's sign up my website how will they get the welcome email automatically from MailChimp
    Plz confirm me the steps for sign up of my website

  3. Prejippie Avatar

    Thanks for useful info. I am new to blogging, but am trying to convert blog traffic into subscribers now. (I have had about 509 visitors in the last 3 months, but only 5 of them have subscribed! That's why I am learning all I can, so that I can capture this traffic.) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Timothy Grabowski Avatar

    I subscribe. Great
    job Aussie

  5. Tonmoy Aridro Avatar

    how to make this video

  6. Santosh Goudar Avatar

    I Love your tutorials.
    thank you James


    Great Content and wonderful explanation. Thanks a lot for sharing this …

  8. Virginia Silva Avatar

    Hello James! Love your tutorials. However I'm having trouble complete this one as per Sumo, in order to connect an email service provider, such as mailchimp, it has to be througg sumo pro not basic. Please advise on what other email service providers I can connect to my wordpress website. Thank you.

  9. Nikhil sharma Avatar

    amazing softwere type TEJARAT MARKETING

  10. Abdelmajid Fathi Avatar

    Upgrade to pro version Wonderful graphics

  11. maestrotech Avatar

    SumoMe charges a monthly fee for MailChimp integration. This video was a 60% waste of time.

  12. Alessandro Avatar

    Hello James, nice vid! How did you add that widget on the left of the homepage that shows the cover of your ebook?

  13. ami vashi Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorials…. Do you need to have sumome pro… because the list builder i installed isn't working. It's just not responding to any clicks

  14. MEANDI TV Avatar

    Double opt-ins aren't optional in Mailchimp

  15. Jack Gosier Avatar

    Hello Guys,
    New version of PMTA is available.PMTA 4.5 (nulled)
    To avail your copy, Skype me: jack-gosier


  16. Paul Ralphs Avatar

    Hi, it would be great if you could update the video as SumoMe now charges for linking mail chimp as a service! Great videos but sadly I will have to check out another one for this purpose.

  17. Владимир Селькин Avatar

    All In One Profits!-Pro autoresponder, Web Hosting,Advertising. -All the Marketing Web Tools,List Building and Cash!-Your Complete Marketing Platform –

  18. Richard Kavanagh Avatar

    mail chimp and sumome integration has to be a pro paid for account is that right?

  19. Shaareable Apps Avatar

    Where do you get your graphics and their animation package? Super slick!

  20. Real David Art Avatar

    SUMO (formerly SUMOME does not provide free integration with MailChimp) so I went with MailMunch at

  21. Ahsanul Hoq Avatar

    how to start Email Marketing

  22. Bibu236 Avatar

    Really easy, and visually beautiful. Thank you James.

  23. abhilash g Avatar

    easy to understand in professional way.

  24. The Otherworld Book Reviews Avatar

    Sumome now charges for connecting to mail chimp

  25. CXlike22 Avatar

    HI! What did you use for editing your video? Coool!

  26. Marcos Morales Avatar

    Can´t see the link to Canva… ???

  27. Supriya Kansal Avatar

    hi nice explanation. I jus wann to suggest that at the end of every video plz summarize the whole lecture for better understanding and a quick revision. thanks.

  28. Rittwik Herrera Avatar

    Hey man where is the video about SEO?

  29. Arthur Aspilan Avatar

    very helpful for a newbie like me.

  30. Jonathan Diaz Herrera Avatar

    Hey James, noticed you have a Facebook fan page,, I wanted to head over to to like and follow, but you don't have the link it in the video description

  31. Faith Ford Avatar

    Thanks for making such great videos! Question: Can I set up my lead magnet to mail chimp without using List Builders? List Builders is no longer free. At the moment, I'm not ready to invest in List builders.

  32. Teri Allen Avatar

    very good video for a direct instruction to create an email lists. Interesting concept and the manual direction also enables the best steps to takes and easy too. thankyou

  33. carmelo Avatar

    I am looking for something that will allow me to send 100s of separate emails to one person..

  34. Trang Phan Avatar

    I really like the CTR method, particularly studying Adsense words… makes a lot of sense. Genius!?

  35. Abraham Lincoln Avatar

    Great video keep it up

  36. Joey Anderson Avatar

    Great video, can you use mailchimp in the UK?

  37. khalil rahouni Avatar

    hey thank you for the videohow can i disable confirmation email

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