Make A Facebook Like Box

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This tutorial shows you how to make a facebook like box.






20 responses to “Make A Facebook Like Box”

  1. Linda Barry Avatar

    Thank you Tyler, I still managed even if they changed their page appearence 😉

  2. Joseph Hentges Avatar

    Tyler, great video, I follow this even though FB changed their site. Get all created, shows on my computer.  I go to another computer and like box doesn't show but the title of the Like Box shows!!  VERY frustrating. same thing happened with a variety of pulgins, not sure what is blocking the image.

  3. hany bardissi Avatar

    Hey Tyler, , FB seem to have changed their Developer website, it doesnt match with your video above anymore, just an FYI

  4. Classic Snooker DVD's Avatar

    Can you recommend a Facebook 'Like Box' plugin that's also Responsive?

  5. Victor Cota Avatar

    Thanks for the videos, Great info.

  6. Hitesh kumar Avatar

    Hey Tyler I guess this thing is not working with new updates from wordpress.

    kindly get me through out of this. I appreciate u mahnn !!~~

  7. Gurjodh Singh Sohi Avatar

    hey dude can i get some of suggestions for securing websites from hackers.

  8. Gurjodh Singh Sohi Avatar

    Hey "Tyler Moore" I really enjoy seeing your videos.

  9. Min Z Avatar

    thank you very much. very informative.

  10. Akie Porter Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Facebook likebox does not seem to like my you have any ideas why it's causing the problem?

  11. Million Dolla Scrilla Avatar

    the way you did it does it go straight to the home page

  12. Tyler Moore Avatar

    yes I will pretty soon, but you maybe not like what I have to say. (pretty much just make amazing content)

  13. Tyler Moore Avatar

    You're welcome! Thanks!

  14. isalaman Avatar

    Awesome information, thank you soooooo much!!

  15. epmie1 Avatar

    Many thanks for your tutorials I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Kind regards Pat

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