Make a Website Video Background with an iPhone and iMovie


In this video I’ll show you how to use an iPhone and iMovie to create a simple video for your website background. This is a great way to showcase your products or services.

To follow the entire video, you will need the Premium Divi WordPress theme and you can access that through my affiliate link here:

(If you purchase a membership through my affiliate link I will get a commission for referring you. Thank you so much!)

To learn how to use the Divi theme, I suggest watching my comprehensive Divi theme tutorial here:






4 responses to “Make a Website Video Background with an iPhone and iMovie”

  1. Jeffrey Buskey Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering how those are created?

  2. Urban Eriksson Avatar


    Do you have any suggestion On how i can edit some graphics from the web so that it gets in .png format?
    I have been asked to help a friend with his Old and Not rensponsive page for his company. And we only have access to the old graphics on that site! And he also used it for a long time, and lots of people recognise that logo!

    Best regards
    Urban Eriksson

  3. Shakaama Avatar

    oh you do continue to make videos. thought you canceled your account on youtube.

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