Make Really Cool Buttons In WordPress

This tutorial shows you how to make really cool buttons in WordPress. Try it out and tell me what you think! 🙂






45 responses to “Make Really Cool Buttons In WordPress”

  1. Elodie Jegu Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Thanks for the great video! The button looks really nice. Now I wanted to use the button for my website visitors to open a light box, is there an easy way to to that ?

  2. JanforLife Avatar

    Hello. I am from Germany. How to put a new Button in a Slider? I use the Costumizr Theme. Do you have any idea?

  3. Nawaz Khan Avatar

    You rock …
    Awesome tutorial……..

  4. Benjamin Shriver Avatar

    Very well put together video! I do however have a question. I know how to create a call of action button but i want to learn how to add text to the page of the link the visitor will be sent. I am a salesperson so i want to get credit if somebody buys something off of my companies website.

  5. Shane Thomas Avatar

    Very helpful video! Just what I was looking for. Thanks Tyler.

  6. Paul van den Born Avatar

    how do I place it on my header?

  7. ursula conway Avatar

    Tyler, I'd like a simple Login button in my Tesseract header. What's the best way to do that?

  8. gkgreg1 Avatar

    Hi, what kind of page builder plugin are you using?

  9. PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Avatar

    My man, you just saved me a ton of work!!

    You a KING!!!

  10. deen cluad Avatar

    Which page builder do you have?

  11. Flogert Alb Avatar

    @tyler moore. what page builder did u use?

  12. Jeremy Nabors Avatar

    Just thought I would throw in a question that some might have.

    What Page Builder are you using?

  13. Trish Brennan Avatar

    Really helpful. Thanks.

  14. sankyeat Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Great video! I followed the instructions and got the buttons but the bottom padding does not seem to work. I'm probably doing something wrong but I just can't figure out what. Any ideas? Thanks.

  15. David Lloyd-Hoare Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Would you give a direct link to the Tesseract 2 download. Thanks in anticipation. Best. David

  16. P Avatar

    Hey Tyler,

    I really like your video. I was wondering why you have much much faster wordpress compare to my wordpress? Are you on special hosting plan? or Do you install any plugins that boost your wordpress? any advise can help me a lot! Thanks in advance!

  17. ramon jaxon Avatar

    I used images from logo Builder to put on my home front screen and it won't show on mobile home why what can I do to fix it please get in contact with me soon

  18. Katja Schmidt Avatar

    Hey Tyler, thaaaaaaaaank you very much for your tutorial , I also use your theme 2016.

    I wonder how to add Login/logout button in the corner of my headline using customize option / header buttons …. but I want to make one of the buttons (primary or secondary) to open a login / logout small window … how can I do that ?

  19. The Photo Booth Chick Avatar

    Thanks Tyler for this… I am downloading and installing this and the version is 4.20. I am hoping it will perform the same and even better.

  20. Alejandro Monsivais Avatar

    Hey Tyler thank you so much for creating tesseract 2, it helps me so much and also saves me very much time. Now i can create profesional web sites to my bussines in just ten minutes. I really apriciate what you´ve done. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  21. Leigh Espy Avatar

    Oh my goodness – you've made this so easy -thank you so much!

  22. Konstantinos L Avatar

    Wow! Tyler thank you! You 've been a great help!

  23. Stephen Gagliardi Avatar

    How do i insert that shortcode on a Virtue theme for the homepage?

  24. Jeppe Piersma Avatar

    Hi Tyler… I'm working on your theme, but I can't get my buttons to work and center in the column with using the Beaver included buttons, can you help me. The theme is also not working anymore with the MaxButtons plugin!

  25. Chris Oliver Avatar

    how come this video isn't showing? I even with on your site and your button video isn't showing there either.

  26. FilFIT Channel Avatar

    Great work Tyler. Thanks! 🙂

  27. rebeccafu009 Avatar

    Thank you Tyler. This is really useful. By the way, would it be possible to change the buttons in woocommerce the shop page?

  28. João Fernandes Avatar

    hello tyler, my content block dont appear… nothing, its empty.. i created a home page, make it full with, choose static page, and when i go to page builder, the content blocks is empty. Also, i tried to reset the word press. What can i do? thanks

  29. Michał Waszak Avatar

    Hi! I wonder how to make button (with link to video) using MaxButtons to show the video on a home page. I`ll apriciate every hint.

  30. SF Diablo Avatar

    Hey tyler, love your work. How do you change button's color into transparent? Thank you!

  31. Zubair Malik Avatar

    Really Cool Tyler, it Helped and your WordPress videos are amazing & helped alot, best wishes

  32. Tomas TGess Avatar

    +Tyler Moore Hi Tyler. This theme is awesome so I want to keep it, but I cannot figure out hot to make polylang site. Because all plug-ins have switchers in sidebar and this side does not have side bar. Can you make video how to do it? Ty)

  33. Gina Belanger Avatar

    figured it all out! thanks so much….it sucks when you have an idea for a site and not know anything. you changed that. Tyler you're changing lives! not done yet but if you get a chance…could you check it out for possibly any suggestions. thanks again((hugs)).

  34. Shawn Kirk Avatar

    After I install the Maxbuttons plugin i keep getting
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /home/easttexas/public_html/wp-admin/menu.php on line 261

    any idea on what to do it is only with this plugin.


  35. f5freddyj Avatar

    Good Stuff Tyler. One question. Can MaxButtons be used to activate a lightbox plus colorbox video popup? Like the home page popup video link you created for in your tesseract 1 tutorial? I've tinkered with the code. But no luck so far.

    Tyler… These tutorials have really lit a fire under me. Come down to Culver City… I'm buying beers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. TheHomieHD Avatar

    Hey Tyler, Nice Videos!
    But i would very appreciate it, if u do a Video about Making a Shop:)!


  37. Vera Zimmer Avatar

    Hi Tyler, My instructor wants me to add a Creative Commons ICON to my footer. I purchased the unbranding plug in and put in the copywrite symbol with my name but everytime I try to add the CC License code it does weird stuff like double spacing. Does any one know anything about that. My site is still Tessaract 1. Thanks Vera

  38. JEmpower Motion Avatar

    I don't see a Contact Page in the new Tesseract 2 Content blocks! Please help! Mahalo!

  39. Helex Helex Avatar

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a facebook like button using beaver builder?

  40. Patricia Gamero Avatar

    Thank you Tyler, nice to see you again 🙂

  41. Helena George Avatar

    Thanks much Tyler. I built a beautiful website using your tutorial for 2015. I got stuck a few times but worked my way through it. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put  into helping out the community. I feel proud to say that I now know how to build a website.

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