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16 responses to “Make Your Portfolio Look Great!”

  1. Callum Rowley Avatar

    U spelt ur name wrong on ur ipad

  2. Jose Benitez Avatar

    Behance also has the Portfolio app that takes all your work from behance and store it in there just like in the browser. Really good.

  3. IBBHI Avatar

    What would be the next best thing for iPhone?

  4. Joee Avatar

    The Reference to OpTic And FaZe was great. xD

  5. Ruel Moncada Jr Avatar

    Is the redeem code still available? I tried to use it but its now a invalid code..

  6. justyn walker Avatar

    I love how you mention faze and optic

  7. Lewis Wilson Avatar

    Here's a brand new font I made if anyone wants to check it out! Perfect for Illustrations and portfolios 🙂 

  8. Rhys Watts Avatar

    great video! How do i input the code on the application? Thanks!

  9. Gareth Queen Avatar

    +Will Paterson lots of love from INDIA….what i have learned in Graphic Designing is majorly from you…have a great life.Peace

  10. Aravind V Avatar

    The main problem is we can't zoom in the photos.There's no thumbnail view inside the project which is necessary for a portfolio.

  11. Christopher Waldegar Avatar

    Dude this video game just in time for my senior showing I need a portfolio this is great

  12. Home Grown Avatar

    Awesome video +Will Paterson ! Definitely going to use this. Thanks for showing us 🙂

  13. Aravind V Avatar

    I think the portfolio pro app is not compatible with Ipad mini. It closes automatically. Any solutions?

  14. SurroundedByNargles Avatar

    no kindle version eh? bummer xD

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