Make Your WordPress Website Look Professional


Download better themes to make your wordpress website look much more professional.






14 responses to “Make Your WordPress Website Look Professional”

  1. Mike Dinamling Mayam-o Avatar

    @tyler i have already purchased a them from themeforest and tried to install but there's no install button in mine. Hope to hear from you asap. Thank you so much

  2. DiAnne Belin Avatar

    Tyler, I have 2 questions; what wordpress theme would you suggest for a 1-product e-com website/blog? Can you do a video on adding advertising banners to wordpress?  Thanks, this is a wonderful channel. 

  3. JON Gergeceff Avatar

    Love your tutorials Tyler !! Thank you so much ,,

  4. Kwame Dukes Avatar

    Great vid. I was wondering if you can create a retail website using themeforest from scratch. I've watched your other videos you using woo themes.

  5. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks, Will. Just my videos and my free ebook that you can download at learnhowtocreateawebsite . com.

  6. ramesh suresh Avatar

    hey can u tell me how to remove the footer link in the themes

  7. cbakardi Avatar

    Wish I had watch this video before I created mine from scratch. It looks ok but I am running out of time. Just a few tweaks needed until I get more info from my brother. Karate and Sports Fitness dot com. I need it to show up in Google searches and need to change some fonts. Firebug won't do it. Do you finish websites for ppl? Someone said photos too large?? Used recommended size! 800 seems crazy for no more work than needs to be done. Thnx. Learned MUCH from UR videos.

  8. Sonia Grunberg Avatar

    Hello Tyler,
    Are you familiar with Headway? What is your professional opinion of this framework?
    Are you available to build a website for me?

  9. Tyler Moore Avatar

    I dont have a link to buy these but you might want to try the free blackbird theme first!

  10. Tyler Moore Avatar

    I am going to make a video on this later this month, thanks, Tyler

  11. Tyler Moore Avatar

    No the data and menu should still be there. You may have to go to menu and change one option but it should still all be intact.

  12. InvalidPost Avatar

    Question: If I have created a site using a base level template like twenty ten for example.. when I install another Theme will that data / menu structure fall into place? or will I have to rework the site again.

    Love your stuff… thanks in advanced.

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