Making a Living as an Indie Game Developer

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In this video we talk about making a living as an indie game developer and how it will effect you. You need to know if this is really what you want to do before you start spending a lot of time and effort for ultimately nothing. If you have any questions or errors in your project feel free to comment and let me know! I will try to answer everybodys questions.

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24 responses to “Making a Living as an Indie Game Developer”

  1. Mjaw 123 Avatar

    Do you make a lot of money of making indie games? Cant help but notice the fancy car seats

  2. IBeJamz Avatar

    im currently making mobile games atm but only released one game last week that is free n no ads it was a test of the process nothing more making a proper more serious game ive noticed i need a way to to make a income in the mean time my choices are part time job to fund life or maybe freelance work …not sure about that one as not fully sure im good enough yet or asset creation im amased how indie console devs do it theres like zero income between projects

  3. NGC7603 Avatar

    That engine sound 😀

  4. billy persistent Avatar

    I have no dream, and I seem to be one of the few. What I have is a succession of hobbies.

  5. Areeb Raza Avatar

    how do YOU get money for making games

  6. Mechicano TV Avatar

    you should make more of these. very inspirational

  7. Charles Ramos Avatar

    I believe I have an idea that could make a million dollars, easy. I understand everyone says that but id really like to send you a demo and get your opinion. Maybe I can convince you to become an investor 🙂 maybe help lead the project?
    Let me know what you think, id like to send you a demo asap!

  8. RadioactivePoptart Avatar

    Zech it's AJ from Huntley what's up

  9. Rich Kid Avatar

    You do the best tutorials on developing games on YouTube! You helped me at some points, thank you!

  10. Mr. Boden Avatar

    did you just say RIP in peace? rest in a peace in peace?

  11. Zosh S Avatar

    So you know you like making games and said this is what you wanna do but how do you plan on doing so well that you earn enough money?

  12. michael o Avatar

    Are you working on anything right now?

  13. Colby Halterman Avatar

    hey zach can you make a game that is a tower defense game you have 2 towers and 1 building and there are zmbies that come left and right and you can shoot the zombies from the main building

  14. War ϟ Avatar

    I would really enjoy this video if the car didnt shake. also where did uplay go? im really interested in showing you my game!

  15. Anshul Chauhan Avatar

    Before this I didn't knew about that movie, thanks

  16. Weisbrot Avatar

    "RIP in piece…" sure. no problem. rest in piece in piece

  17. Connor Deeley Avatar

    What package did you get from black she'll media and how much would you pay for an artist

  18. Craftdragon Avatar

    Indie game developer is my dream. Nothing can change that. I know the risks but I have to try. Hopefully my dream comes true 🙂

  19. Bad Guy's productions Avatar

    But gaming industry started with very small teams making games (like 2-7 people) so I don't think it would be that crazy to make games in the past only by yourself.

  20. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Thanks to you guys and your support for the series, I will be investing in a better camera, mic, and stable stand for my car so no more shaky camera!! It annoys me as well as I assume it does for you.

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