Metasploit for Network Security Tutorial – 3 – Using Tools and Exploits

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22 responses to “Metasploit for Network Security Tutorial – 3 – Using Tools and Exploits”

  1. Aldrick Castro Avatar

    do you give us permission to do this to your website,

  2. Walking Taco15 Avatar

    Jesus christ, it's scary how easily your website can be opened…

  3. Bernd Lippert Avatar

    Why not use rather another example for the metasploit usage than check service version? NMAP can already do it via -sV?

  4. no hEal Avatar

    I got unable to connect on run. Got no idea why. still great tutorial tho

  5. Thomas Harbauer Avatar

    If you are on windows, some of these commands and exploits will not work. You need Kali i believe, Ubuntu might work. I have Win 10. Nervous to switch to Linux due to compatibility reasons, because i use this PC for gaming.

  6. fotohogging beekeeper Avatar

    Thank. New kali user trying to learn.

  7. Will Jones Avatar

    When I type the command 'whois' in msfconsole, it says "UNKNOWN COMMAND: whois"

  8. Sam Hernández Avatar

    Unknown command : Whois ….

  9. Football Juice Avatar

    whois 'domain'
    host 'domain'
    nmap -F 'IP address'
    search 'exploit'
    info 'exploit'
    use 'exploit'
    show options
    set RHOSTS 'IP address'

  10. Taran Ainsley Avatar

    Whois doesn't work it says unknown command: whois.

  11. Helvede Ivanov Avatar

    it gives me unknown commands errors

  12. wisemage0 Avatar

    unknown command: whois

  13. SHiVi SHuKLa Avatar

    may i use the same ip address which you are using for testing purposes?

  14. Russ Krieg Avatar

    thank you for this video. It has helped me secure my network and others

  15. PeteGeorgopoulos Avatar

    i just wanna say…. which i'm sure you hear all the time, you are a very good teacher bucky. tyvm for the vids.

  16. nic Avatar

    Greg Roberts, huh?

  17. harmony Avatar

    Metasploit cant connect to the database for me, can you help?

  18. nishant rb Avatar

    that auto-complete tho!

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