ml5.js: Feature Extractor Classification

In this video, I use ml5’s feature extractor to train a machine learning image classifier with my own images. #machinelearning #classification #ml5 #p5js


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18 responses to “ml5.js: Feature Extractor Classification”

  1. Andrzej Sokola Avatar

    It always have been something unreachable on my mind how to program yourself those kind of stuff and now it looks so easy and fun. I can't wait anymore to try this myself and use it for some projects 馃榾 Thanks 馃槢

  2. Yahel Hotam Avatar

    return loss

    | l I

    | | |_

  3. Christian Skjerning Avatar

    Is it possible to use raw 3d models, like STL or OBJ etc. files for traning?

  4. MCandMore ByGamer Avatar

    By default, does the normal mobilenet data which we used for the classification examples add up. That means, let's say I put a cat, will it answer cat or whistle/ukulele?

  5. md.safik hasan Avatar

    will you please tell me
    about your mac laptop you using pls…..
    model number ect….pls…

  6. AlterEgo Avatar

    Hi Dan, would you consider covering the Separating Axis Theorem for collision handling with 2D convex polygons? Please let me know, thanks.

  7. Hand Coded Avatar

    the coding train is AWESOME!!!!!! i have a new channel were i code myself and i need some subscribers. ill sub back.

  8. Mard么nio Rodrigues Avatar

    Great! Love from Brazil!

  9. Honzasko Avatar

    Idea: Make 2D game in Processing IDE .

  10. Daporan Avatar

    Train whistle!!!

  11. Rahil Ranka Avatar

    Love from India 鈾ワ笍

  12. Suraj Kushwah Avatar

    Please Like or reply bro . . you teach me so much <3 You make me programmer. Big fan

  13. Surya Kumaran Avatar

    Is it possible to save the trained model and reuse it without training again after page refresh?

  14. ran domness Avatar

    Seems like this could be really useful in VERY specific situations. 馃檪 馃檨 馃檪 馃檨

  15. For All Avatar

    Happy , Sad …
    Really it was very funny and also helpful , thank you

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