ml5.js: Feature Extractor Regression

In this video, I use ml5’s feature extractor and re-train the MobileNet model to output a “regression” controlling a slider. #machinelearning #regression #ml5 #p5js


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13 responses to “ml5.js: Feature Extractor Regression”

  1. Keelwa Kamar Avatar

    0 dislikes is usually impossible to get. But ur too good to be hated.

  2. Muhammed Furkan AYDIN Avatar

    You looking like Profesor from la casa de papel 🙂

  3. Mr. Reaper Avatar

    What text font do you use ???

  4. kustomweb Avatar

    This is the beginning of greatness, the birth of a new way to write software. Thank you Dan.

  5. Tarosh G Avatar

    You Are The Best!!!

  6. Shasanka Borah Avatar

    Lets just say i have a number plate of a car , so is it possible to detect the numbers on the plate using ml5 and can you please make a video on that

  7. Iknoor Singh Avatar

    Thanks a lot man.

  8. Jan Chan Avatar

    can i put all to ftp and run this on the internet browner?

  9. ridwan ilyas Avatar

    First comment! Yeaaahhh..

  10. the bronylike superchannel Avatar

    Would you please do a video on 3D tic tac toe (°0°)/

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