ml5.js: Transfer Learning with Feature Extractor

In this video, I discuss the process behind “transfer learning” with ml5’s feature extractor. #imageclassification #ml5 #p5js


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13 responses to “ml5.js: Transfer Learning with Feature Extractor”

  1. Daniel Astillero Avatar

    7:55 best convolutional neural net explanation there is

  2. Lank Asif Avatar

    Hi Teach!
    Thought you might appreciate (perhaps even mention or get involved with) an international school that's being launched. It's a non profit, hosted in about 450+ countries by volunteers all looking to share the wonder of learning. It sounds like your jam and if you could get involved that would just be a dream come true. Please have a look and hope to see ya there 🙂

    I figured you wouldn't mind me posting about it here because I know you're all about sharing the love and helping people learn – I hope I haven't been rude.
    EDIT: PS I can't believe you managed to edit the original video down to about 12 minutes lol!!!! You should begin a video editing class ;p

  3. iheb note 4 Avatar

    is it possible to load a pretrained model with ml5 ?

    Thanks for th video though 🙂

  4. Rendy Eza Putra Avatar

    after I watched like 20 videos of you, I feel like I knew you from somewhere.
    "OHHH!!! He's the every IT guy on DC series". Anybody feels the same?

  5. l0m Avatar

    Dan is there a way to track an object and detect if it changes in ml5?

  6. Daporan Avatar

    Damn Dan, back at it again!

  7. Albaraa Alajlan Avatar

    your'e legend , I'm student in Computer Science and i'm really upset why they didn't teach us like those objects..


    Sir, what is this programming language .

  9. Ozkee Avatar

    Your videos are awesome! I study computers science in college, but all we learn is how to code websites, databases and boring
    accounting programs. I know computer science is so much more than that, but I guess this is where the jobs are nowadays :/

  10. Igor Santos de Lima Avatar

    Dude, you're fucking awesome. Make these videos while(true)

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