My Brand New Angular Course

A sneak peek of the e-commerce app we build in my brand new Angular course.

For a LIMITED TIME, you can get the full course with a BIG DISCOUNT here:

You can find all my courses here:






9 responses to “My Brand New Angular Course”

  1. Eric William Avatar

    Is the video quality of the course in Udemy limited to 720p , or is 1080p available? 720p is not enough to read the file names in the sidebar of the text editor.

  2. manish kumar Avatar

    Hi Mosh, I have already taken your Complete MVC 5 course, it was awesome. I am looking forward for this course, where can I have the discount for this course.

  3. Koodauskanava Avatar

    Looks good. Do you have a full stack course with node + mongo + angular?

  4. makdeniss Avatar

    Great course! Thank you!

  5. Aaron Koller Avatar

    I'm a Mosh Junkie. I have purchased most of his courses on Udemy. Many of the things I know already, some I don't. Through it all Mosh gives great reasons for not only what, but why he thinks the way he does. I can agree/disagree, but seeing where he comes from helps me to be a better decision maker when writing code.

  6. Varun A Avatar

    Great, I already have it..
    Very nice about adding and updating it.
    Thank you.

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