My Computer Programmer Salary History Part 2

In this video I share my story of how much I got paid as a computer programmer straight out of university in addition to my salary and employment history as time went on.

If you’ve ever wondering about how much an app developer makes or the salary of a computer science grad then I hope you enjoy this video.

I live in Toronto, Canada so these salary numbers have to be taken into context with average cost of living and salaries for software developers in this city.

I’ve worked C#, .NET, WPF, MS Surface, Silverlight, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Adobe Flex, Windows Phone 7 and finally iOS.

It’s been quite a journey and in the process, I’ve quit 3 times to try to start my own business. At some points, I was making about $18,000 a year while on my own.

Key takeaways:
– Know what you’re worth by keeping a pulse on the current job market
– Don’t give up on your dreams and understand that you might get there in a way you didn’t expect


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7 responses to “My Computer Programmer Salary History Part 2”

  1. venkat prabhu Avatar

    Hi chris, but
    How do share a ( web contents ) to the apps ?

  2. Joshua Lot Avatar

    sir how did you start as a programmer or find a job after you graduated from college? and what are these programming languages as skills in entering the programming job? because im reallyyyyy interested to be a programmer one day the same as what you did 🙂 im inspired by your story sir. hope you help me thanks! i'll wait for your reply soon 🙂

  3. joshua gonzalez Avatar

    the amount u say… is it per year?

  4. Ryan Tan Avatar

    Hi Chris, I'm enjoying this series of videos where you talk about your journey. It is very motivational. Just wondering, when clients (that big Canadian broadcasting company in this case) engage you or your firm and you have to learn something new on the job, what was it like? Do you like tell the client that this is the first kind of project that you're doing, or you allocate more time for the completion of the project etc? What was the deciding factor for you or your company to know whether to take on this task or not?

  5. Dark Innocence Avatar

    Great journey chris… talking about the memory management… can you do a detailed video how to find memory leaks using instruments in code 🙂

  6. K Watt Avatar

    How did you learn C++? Do you have any recommendations for beginners?

  7. dont mug yourself Avatar

    Great video but How can you get Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos or media to third party app?

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