My Computer Programmer Salary History

In this video I share my story of how much I got paid as a computer programmer straight out of university in addition to my salary and employment history as time went on.

If you’ve ever wondering about how much an app developer makes or the salary of a computer science grad then I hope you enjoy this video.

I live in Toronto, Canada so these salary numbers have to be taken into context with average cost of living and salaries for software developers in this city.

I’ve worked C#, .NET, WPF, MS Surface, Silverlight, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Adobe Flex, Windows Phone 7 and finally iOS.

It’s been quite a journey and in the process, I’ve quit 3 times to try to start my own business. At some points, I was making about $18,000 a year while on my own.

Key takeaways:
– Know what you’re worth by keeping a pulse on the current job market
– Don’t give up on your dreams and understand that you might get there in a way you didn’t expect


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28 responses to “My Computer Programmer Salary History”

  1. mrqryy Avatar

    Hey i'm actually from Toronto too, and was wonder if you could help me decide on which is better, software engineering, computer programming, or computer science thanks in advance!

  2. Vergo Gaming Avatar

    WHAT?! bro u live in toronto canada? i live in brampton canada!!!!

  3. Neo Skribe Avatar

    volume is lower is Canada

  4. Minh Nguyen Avatar

    wow. you made to team lead after 2 years. in my company, 10 years for a person to be a lead or architect

  5. Riley Evans Avatar

    I got really bothered when I noticed how his hair seem to have been sliced by something.

  6. PHLiiP Avatar

    Great video dude. Thanks for the wisdom

  7. richmond283 Avatar

    Wow what you created was so cool. Thank you for this video. I'll be watching more of your videos

  8. iOSAndroidRebel Avatar

    The iPhone was released on January 9, 2007.

  9. 曾紹綸 Avatar

    Can you please tell me where you graduated from in college? just rly curious!

  10. Joshua Lot Avatar

    wow sir you are really really really amazing! 🙂 im a college student 2nd year this year on my incoming class. i hope i would be like you someday. i mean you have lot of opportunity that comes to you and you handle it well. woooow, just how did you do it sir? can you tell me or teach me how to make my own business online with my coding skills? but now im just learning javascript or some of the languages needed for web developing. Hope to chat with you someday if you're free i'll be waiting for your reply thankyou sir! 🙂

  11. GeorgeSchenaTV Avatar

    Very Informative! Keep uploading more videos like this!!

  12. Kristjan Avatar

    In uni what did you study? Im just taking your how to make an app to learn to code.

  13. Alex M Avatar

    Where did you study? You say you are living in Toronto now, was it U of T? haha

  14. statikreg Avatar

    Note: you can still build a career in programming with out college. I started out freelancing to get my chops. Income hasn't been as good, as I'm only making about 30k right now (although, I've only been doing this for about 5 years, in total vs. this guy's 10). But it's doable, and no student loans which offsets it a bit too!

  15. Randomgaming Avatar

    hey man do you do one on one tutoring? paid if course.

  16. Dan Irush Avatar

    can you tell us the challenges you faced as a first time employee in a consulting company…

  17. Androidiscool Avatar

    So if you know c# wish you did a video for folks that know that and want to learn an Apple app. Would be helpful. I know c#' C, and many mainframe languages and want a quick lesson on an iOS app.

  18. Simon G Avatar

    What and for how long did you study before this?

  19. AadarCanCode Avatar

    I live an hour away from toronto

  20. Fman Avatar

    Could you tell us more about those side hustles?

  21. Arthur Tripp Avatar

    Will watch part 2 tomorrow.

  22. Dana K Avatar

    waiting for part 2!!! I just graduated from CE and Im excited to get more into coding since I'm finally free!! I remember subscribing to your channel a year ago for this moment.. hoping to be as successful as you!

  23. David Avatar

    Please keep these up. You don't know how much I rely on your videos ❤️

  24. Samuel Pong Avatar

    nooooooooooooo make more !

  25. Youri Hermes Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your programmer history with us! Can't wait to hear about your own business story 🙂
    P.S. Have you already looked into my question about how I could download the feed from my Firebase Database to the quiz app? I would really appreciate it!

  26. LudiStack Avatar

    I would like to hear some more tips about starting a company and maybe what we should look out for and what to think about.

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