My FAVOURITE Logo Designs 2016

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39 responses to “My FAVOURITE Logo Designs 2016”

  1. Robbe Nagel Avatar

    Sorry but I can't seem to understand why you like these text logos so much. Yes, text logos can look very well, but in general I find it poor of creativity (take the word of the company and put it in a way).

    In my opinion logos like the one from Apple are masterpieces. They don't require words to describe what the company is and how it's called.

  2. weeniebutt23 Avatar

    What about the Coca-Cola logo? Do you like it?

  3. Dave Kos Avatar

    Hwat is your accent?

  4. Jaden Addison Avatar

    Hey guys i'm a freelancer working on Konker ill design a professional logo for you for only $3 you can check me out here for more details

  5. Shino Bee Avatar

    How to stay creative

  6. laboomerang Avatar

    I love signature logos they have so much history… but you have to remember that in logo design there is no personal preference. Every design choice you make has to ba backed by a marketing consideration. The logo doesn't have to be 'pretty' but 'appropriate' and sometimes a clean corporate font is in fact the appropriate choice for the client.

  7. You Show Avatar

    wich camera do you use?

  8. The Coins Shop Avatar

    You are amazing ! I just discovered you and of course subscribed.
    I am thinking about creating a new logo for our company.I use to change it and I know that i not good.
    I have one on our Etsy shop and I use a different typeface on our website.
    We make coin jewelry by designing and cutting all types of coins.
    Any advice,ideas ?

  9. Noman Nazir Avatar

    will, i've always found your videos educational & inspirational

  10. Mayank Patel Avatar

    i watched your almost all video it's so helpful me in graphic design. thanx a lot

  11. Niko Kääpä Avatar

    My favourite logo is the "abc" logo by Paul Rand. It's basically four circles. The first one with an additional bar on the right, the second one with an additional longer bar on the left, the third one with a segment removed on the right and the last one surrounding the 3 other ones – genius.

  12. Fadi Bassil Avatar

    Your videos are amazing, even if I disagree with your choice of favorite logos. It is obvious you are have a thing for flowing "vintage looking" calligraphic logos.

  13. Exau Paul Avatar

    hellow , i met a friend and he ask me incase someone saw my product and copy my product it and use it without my permission so how will i be able to protect my work so that i can keep the copy rights?

  14. 〚BSK〛 Avatar

    Then you should like the Ford car company logo too I guess ^^

  15. Vanessa D. Graphic Designer Avatar

    Oh hey, i enjoy most of your videos a lots! keep up the work tho!

  16. Jaxxbird Avatar

    Such a sympathetic and inspiring personality! 🙂

  17. Abhi Jith Avatar

    great. u do illustrations?

  18. Andrei Avram Avatar

    how about reea logo?

  19. Borislav Alexandrov Avatar

    I like Fender logo very much 🙂

  20. Eann Low Avatar

    I've discovered your channel yesterday and I'm literally mind blown with everything you've shared! Congratulations on getting 50k subscibers and keep up the great work 😀

  21. jin evans Avatar

    Hey, +Will Paterson i wanted to ask if there are other websites that you use for your logo designs aside from instagram .? btw im a huge follower and love your typography artworks

  22. mproxxx Avatar

    I bought this book recently…I think it's an awesome investement 🙂
    Great videos though 🙂

  23. James Péladeau Avatar

    Could you possibly make a video about your computer? I'm going into graphic design myself and I would love to be able to have some idea about the computer strength required to work smoothly. Thanks!

  24. PB&Jrunr Avatar

    Currently, I seem to like the magpies artisan pies logo. I'm sure in a month I'll find another favorite and switch lol.

  25. Zack Rabie Avatar

    Awesome video Will! I also really love the Kellogg's logo. Another favourite of mine is Coca Cola's. It's so timeless and instantly recognizable.

  26. Jake Dannatt Avatar

    For some strange reason I knew you were going to pick the Kellogs logo… Ha ha, I know what styles you like :)))

  27. Adam Karlsson Avatar

    make a monthly video where you deside what your subscribers should create and then you deside the top 5 winners?

  28. Jogha Ella Avatar

    I agree. I am really tired of minimalistic design. All websites look the same nowadays. I even prefer the over-complicated, 90's looking Japanese sites because they're interesting to look at. Of course, the same goes to logos. With the new wave of minimalism, many companies updated their logos, and now they just look "meh".

  29. Elliott Hawkins Avatar

    Take a shot every time he says logo.

  30. Ben Fuller Avatar

    Do some more tutorials in illustrator and photoshop

  31. PartisanGamer Avatar

    Hmmm that "Boots" logo does nothing for me, I think Its not well seated and balanced and the font itself looks somewhat fuzzy.

  32. Fancylooks Avatar

    I like both logos that you talk about but I also love the logo saying logo on the bookcover, that is an awesome one!

  33. Shard™ Avatar

    Could you recommand any good logo design book?:)

  34. Haikality Avatar

    Hmm… Logo design seems to be fun. But I don't understand when clients want to make the designs "pop". If you know what I mean 😉

  35. mtitro Avatar

    I love Aaron Draplin's work, I really like the 2nd half of the 20th century heavy industries corporate logo style, unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to give exemples. If you guys have any recommendations they are more than welcome. Futura Bold for the win.

  36. MoptoppMusic Avatar

    Man, your videos have come such a long way in such a short period of time! Remember only a few months back watching you live stream a logo creation process! Well done, you deserve it!

  37. Will Paterson Avatar

    No Creative Bar this week… sorry again. But I hope you guys like this special video I made for the start of your week. Let me know your favourite logo designs down below 😀

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