My Japan Trip! -Amazing Things To Do In Japan!

Want To Go To Japan? In this video, i show you some really fun and amazing places to go to japan. The food was amazing in japan and you will also find tons of vending machines everywhere. They are also very big on iced coffee in Japan

Places I Went

Tokyo – Tons Of Stuff lol. Akiba as well
Osaka – Osaka Castle
Kyoto – Shrines Here
Kagoshima – Active Volcano Here
Ibusku – HotSpring and Rotating Water Noodles Are Here

In Tokyo, I would recommend going to Akiba which is known for cosplay, games, and just Japanese anime culture in general.

English is not spoken that much in japan. I got lucky to be able to go to the volcano because you will need to understand how the faire system works in order to get to the island.

Here are some times you may or may not want to go to japan

Pearl Blossom Season – Feb
Hottest Season – August
Winter WonderLand – November

Thanks for watching, if there was anything i missed or you wanted to know about japan that i can answer, feel free to drop a comment!






5 responses to “My Japan Trip! -Amazing Things To Do In Japan!”

  1. VanquishPanic Avatar

    Hey Darrel thank you so much for sharing your holiday to Japan, cheers from Australia xx

  2. Scientific Facts Avatar

    Again another best vlog from 'Darrel Wilson'……keep going!

  3. Crossista Per Caso Avatar

    i'm going to Japan next Monday!!!!

  4. Mel - 7 Avatar

    you're traveling now?? man!

  5. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Japan was fun, had a small vacation away from wordpress! Japan is a must go for food lovers and anime fans. Make sure to like this video and let me know your experiences in Japan Below!!

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