My Old Game: Color Master

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Playing my game Color Master made in May 2011

here is the link to play it yourself

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41 responses to “My Old Game: Color Master”

  1. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    Can u make a tutorial how u can make this with java? Did u use game maker or java for this game?

  2. KZA Avatar

    The idea of the game is cool, it only needs polishing !

  3. Hezekiah McDonald Avatar

    music is from pokemon

  4. christy senat Avatar

    can you put a download link?

  5. fromCharCode Avatar

    reminds me hardly on chips challenge. i loved this game

  6. DJ 420 J Avatar

    This is actually an amazing game. Maybe not so fun to play 24/7 and could have a lot more things, but it's very VERY creative!

  7. Brony 22 Avatar

    wow intersting concept for a game.

  8. TheNoah Avatar

    I know that you can't hear it that well in the video but the the boss battle theme is Pokémon ruby sapphire and emerald's elite 4 theme

  9. Jaymaican Avatar

    What an incredible concept for a boss battle! Nice one!

  10. SomeCreativeBastard Avatar

    That's actually a pretty cool looking game. Great job.

  11. LinkFrost Avatar

    Hi, I've started to make a game with similar gameplay to this after being inspired by this video, so is that alright to you? I'm trying not to copy it 100% but

  12. -SSB- Avatar

    i made a game similar colour meister. Its a game where you can only pass through walls that are the same colour as you

  13. Callam001 Avatar

    Holy fucking shit that boss was insane, you've gotta do a tutorial on it; how the hell did you make it affected by the player colour and then lose its color after being hit

  14. Callam001 Avatar

    Omg I made a game exactly like this

  15. Edgardo Cabrera Avatar

    Thumbs up for that Pokémon music on the level 10 boss

  16. Jack Middleton Avatar

    I can't believe you made this stuff and can't remember it. I see what you were saying about not finishing games. But that is kind of the process. You learn way more making the first 1/10th of a game and then the rest is just tedious work and polishing. Sorta.

  17. Jack Middleton Avatar

    What are the primary ways you learn to code? I am currently just watching youtube videos and googling how to add certain things as I need them. It can get kind of annoying. Watching youtube can at the start of your game can get you a lot quickly. But then you start needing specific things and they are hard to find. I can spend an hour making half the game and then 3 hours making an additional 5 percent, just trying to figure something out.

  18. Cut the Creeper Avatar

    the website is down man, nobody can play this

  19. eonorez3 Avatar

    Sweet game mechanics. 🙂

  20. {-{ Coréé }-} Avatar

    The main menu music is from Uniracers on the SNES, if I'm correct.

  21. Bruno Robert Avatar

    are the different levels hard coded in the game or does it read files ?

  22. Shadow Lurker Avatar

    This is a nice idea and someone should polish this and make a full game.

  23. EpicEditionGames Avatar

    Dude that is one of the most legit boss fights I have seen in a while (also epic puzzles)

  24. Wilhelm Avatar

    hey not a bad game at all, just found your videos and Subscribed and I can not wait to see what all you have!

    I hope you have a good day as well!

  25. Jaffa Jake Avatar

    Really cool idea man good job im starting to make my own games aswell i made a pong sort of rip off its not amazing but its my first ever game 😀

  26. Jack Gogvail Avatar

    Can you do a lwjgl3 3d tutorial please?

  27. Derp Princess Avatar

    Really interesting design.

  28. dimarcinho Avatar

    Pretty cool game and very fun video!

  29. It's Showtime Avatar

    That's a really cool game you made. I'm just starting to make 2D games in Unity3D and hopefully will soon make 3D games. But I'd imagine a lot of concepts are way harder to make 3D games than 2D.

  30. Piperanci Avatar

    I like the pokemon music. And the concept is really good. I'm sure that if you polish it it would be a very good game.

  31. Stef TheGreatest Avatar

    Will you resume your java programming series?

  32. computercrabs Avatar

    More… More. MORE!

  33. Zach Champion Avatar

    You should make the full game.

  34. Charvak Patel Avatar

    Can you give me a link to your source code? I would love to see it, study and learn a lot

  35. Double H Avatar

    Is that by a game engine or scripted ( C++ , C# OpenGL )

  36. Megalink Avatar

    this is actually a really good concept, good job

  37. paulisawesome10 Avatar

    that was a great game

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