My Old Game: Dead Ambush 2

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Check out the game –

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23 responses to “My Old Game: Dead Ambush 2”

  1. Starlin Urena Avatar

    the idea of putting the spotlight on the player how can i do that

  2. Starlin Urena Avatar

    Hello my name is Starlyn and I would like to make a similarity of this game can you give me any advice in how to start working on it and how is the best possible way to do it I'm gonna use eclipse and apple just would like to know how to create the level and just make a portion of the camera show the level and as you move you can see more part of the world any advice please, thank you

  3. First Last Avatar

    link does not work

  4. alen jones Avatar

    This game looks pretty funny

  5. Lars Avatar

    Cool game! How dit you make it that if you take the nuke object that every zombie dies?? I tried to make it but just one zombie died.

  6. Neno Med GAMES Avatar

    My game was inspired by Dead Ambush 2 check it out here

  7. DeathSwagga Avatar

    Looks very lacklustre TBH.

  8. Augustinas Jucas Avatar

    How did you make the bullets shooting to mouse direction?

  9. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    1:19 the d is not strait does that mean its gay?

  10. Andrew Jack Avatar

    Sorry for the largely unrelated topic but I'm having a lot of trouble with this.I have a platformer with randomly generated terrain that goes on for about 50000 pixels so I deactivate objects when there out side of your view. However after I added enemies I have been having trouble width them being in the ground if they are active while a block below them isn't. My first solution was to use objects ct activate but this reduces d the game to 10 frames before I spawned in enemies… Do you or anyone have a solution?(I basically need to know how to activate an object and the blocks near it with little lag.)

  11. ★SwegX Avatar

    yes we want to see more of these!

  12. Genergy Avatar

    Can you make more java tuts?

  13. Marco30XXX Avatar

    Did you make yourself the background music as well? It's very catchy :3

  14. Ilija Grgić Avatar

    looks great for first game man! how did you get the soundtrack? dio you use royalty free track? could i for example use free tracks for a game i plan on selling?

  15. Driftwood Gaming Avatar

    Nice showcase of your past project. Hope to see some new tutorials.

  16. Gods Tears Avatar

    That is a very nice game tbh!

  17. Carlos Martinez Avatar

    That's pretty good, I've actually built one that has a similar concept, but I've used one tutorial for a shop menu. Still working on the concept.

  18. Ashnno Avatar

    I miss the Sandbox 🙁

  19. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for gamemaker video

  20. Zacx Avatar

    How did you make it so the camera moves with the character

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