My Old Game: Far From Home

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45 responses to “My Old Game: Far From Home”

  1. TwinklyLucasK Avatar

    plz make some tutorials to make something like this, im trying to XD

  2. Michael Barley Avatar

    This game looks amazing!

  3. mod peace Avatar

    i love this idea and the art it's perfect the lighting has a great amount of glare and the interfaces are amazing it's so good that i started making a game loosely based on this game

  4. TeamrocketBoyz Avatar

    after years of me trying to create a game in unreal and quitting, I stumbled upon game maker studio 2 and I'm looking into 2d game development…………… can I just say dude that this game has motivated me so much. its stunning and the gameplay is great………. you need to finish this, you owe it to yourself.

  5. Drone guardian Avatar

    I guess you can say he was "far from home" hahahahaha!! ha ha ha ha i'll go now

  6. яobustDude Avatar

    I'd play this on my channel!

  7. fLUFFYbUFF Avatar

    Isn't there some parallax scrolling/movement going on here? It looks cool.

  8. Fauzan Naufal Avatar

    i have alot of idea for my games, but i can't realize it :V

  9. Team NOVEGA Avatar

    6:05 as soon as I saw that, I thought of Cave Story LOL

  10. Noel Diaz Avatar

    Did you finish this?

  11. team toilet Avatar

    reminds me of kingdom on steam

  12. Jon Ariel Maravilla Avatar

    Pls finish this! I would love to play it!

  13. team toilet Avatar

    I would make this look soo badass cus I'm amazing at pixel art

  14. team toilet Avatar

    wow this is fucking SICKKKKKKKK!! shows how cool gamemaker is

  15. FiskYT Avatar

    arcade game version of minecraft

  16. Emmet Casey Avatar

    This game looks amazing you should really finish and publish it

  17. SlayingAces Avatar

    I will buy this game. remake it please.

  18. epic vogs Avatar

    here a cheat put torches every where so u can see

  19. Jay Avatar

    Terraria meets starbound

  20. richard miščík Avatar

    I just realized it is really similar to Kingdom: New Lands

  21. Toxicvipa Avatar

    Could you make a tutorial on how to make that world generation? I have problems figuring out an efficient way of generating usable worlds.

  22. Matthew Fox Avatar

    You should put this on newgrounds.

  23. DJ 420 J Avatar

    I so much just wanna download this or something and change all sprites and add alot more, and remove that spaceship and story and make an own, and i'll write clearly on the screen like "most code was done by…" and i'll make a whole new game and change everything so its not like yours, but obviously that wont happend 🙁
    I really like making games, but i can o my program in a few very easy languages, and in gamemaker studio. But its boring, and it doesnt work, i do it wrong, thats why i never get to make games. What i like in making games, is creating what i have in my mind. I have a huge game thats been in my mind for like a year, but nothing has been done. The best thing in that game i wanna do, or, what i Mostly only want to do, is the story, items and guns and stuff, but drawing. Drawing and animating! I wanna do it! But i have no code! And i cant do some code myself cause i just cant! All i want is some kind of 2d terraria style game with different worlds you go to and moving codes and inventory and shops and stuff, then i'll change it all. But that wont happend, no, it wont, never 🙁

  24. John Ace Magno Avatar

    is it created on buildbox?

  25. TheCollectable Gamer Avatar

    what was this built/coded on?

  26. Run For The Skies Avatar

    I really want to play this

  27. Ravi Theja Sripadam Avatar

    +RealTutsGML how did u make the 3 layers of background move?

  28. JamSnack Avatar

    You absolutely NEED to finish this

  29. Nai Korn Avatar


    Bound! XD

  30. Ryuuhei Avatar

    I like the smooth camera (view) work. How exactly did you do that it tracks the player, but after stopping it follows it's "basic position"? I tried to code the similiar effect, but I was not successful.

  31. Youssef Samwel Avatar

    what language was this build in.

  32. The Glitchers Avatar

    +RealTutsGML Are you soon gonna release a alpha if you continue to make it?

  33. CraeticaL Avatar

    Hey what game library did you use for this game?

  34. I don't exist. Get the hell out. Avatar

    Is it possible/will it be possible to play this game? It seems like a game I would love!

  35. Mage MascarowgXYZ Avatar

    Hello! I'm been trying to look for a good tutorial or some neat ideas (like tree growing or food) that I could use in a game I'm kind of working on. It plays the same as any 2D survival game, but with some neat new things. The main trouble I'm having is enemy design and how to make them work, do you think you could help? If so then thx!

  36. Temps Avatar

    can i have a download to the .gmx file?

  37. ricardo ochoa Avatar

    nice! i hope create games like this, some day 🙂

  38. EGGaming Avatar

    The game looks nice. You should add a hotkey to quickly equip something after opening inventory so the player doesnt have to click and drag. Maybe something with shift and e. And you should work on the combat part like make it more interesting.

  39. Jackie Paradise Avatar

    I love your game. Can i have the link to download the project file, please ?

    Or you can share inventory & crafting system and tutorials for that, please !!!

  40. Thunder Hail Avatar

    Is there tutorials on how to do that studf

  41. ugly Human Avatar

    can someone create my game and get paid

  42. Dubis Avatar

    What programming language did you make this with?

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