My Old Game: Satyr Run

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9 responses to “My Old Game: Satyr Run”

  1. team toilet Avatar

    this guy and his randomly generated terrain makes me uninspired

  2. Fairy Tail Avatar

    Did you reupload this. I swear I've seen this vid a long time a go

  3. rick39guitarist Avatar

    I just started with "Let's build a game" tutorial series and they are great. I started learning Java about a month ago so your videos really help me see how the programming actually gets put together for something other than me creating while and for loops just for practice. lol. Thanks!!!

  4. MyMomSaysIAmASpecialSnowflake Avatar

    I have a basic game concept, your ship crashes on an unknown place where there is monsters who want something in your ship. You have to gather resources and build defenses to protect it.

  5. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    hey can u please make a tutorial on making the Jframe's color change smoothly like in the game wave 2

  6. gasquakee Avatar

    I found the saytr sprite.

  7. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    im thinking about making a simple clicker game in java
    is it a good idea as i can keep on adding stuff to polishthe game and its simple to make

  8. David Halpin Avatar

    I cant open the source code in Game Maker, when i download it, it just gives me a folder.

  9. computertoptips Avatar

    Can you release the source code for 'Far from Home' please?

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