My Old Game: Street Wars

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Street Wars –

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27 responses to “My Old Game: Street Wars”

  1. asdf asdfdf Avatar

    tutorial for this one plźzzzzz

  2. UnderYT_ Avatar

    for this game, what is the category ' s name?

  3. HNoelX Avatar

    i cant download it 🙁 it says error!!!

  4. maymayman Avatar

    how old were you?

  5. Nicholas Prince Avatar

    it's sort of like shadez 2 on crazy monkey games

  6. JK_AXZLDKRv Avatar

    I'd love to play about 3/4 of the games that you produce.

  7. Mafia Penguin Avatar

    __ __
    |oooo| ☻ |oooo|
    |oooo| .-/▌ |oooo|
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    ,/ |#|//__/|#| ,
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    / /|_|| |/| ||_|/ you are with us!
    |_/ o==/o /_|
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    <_> |——| <_>
    | | __|======|__ | |
    //\ / |O|======|O| //\
    | | | |O+—-+O| | | |
    |/| +/ +/ |/|
    __/ ||| ||| __/
    | || || |
    [==|] [|==]
    [===] [===]
    >_< >_<
    || || || ||
    || || || ||
    || || || ||
    _|/|__ _|/|__
    /___n_n___ /___n_n___

  8. Kiwi Avatar

    Real tuts back at it again with the white van..i-i-mean 2010 games

  9. EpicEditionGames Avatar

    This game is epic please show us more of your games

  10. Shai Menzin Avatar

    +RealTutsGML can you post the source code?

  11. space1188 Avatar

    Was this made in game maker. or any kind of engine

  12. RunicLady Avatar

    Woah! I've never seen a game like that before! I know the production values are kind of low, but I think you have a really cool concept going on there. Do you think you'll ever work on it again?

  13. Some Guy Avatar

    A lot of age of war, cool game!

  14. Zack Lanis Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial on how to make the ink splatters like the ones from ink by zach bell?

  15. Felipe • Avatar

    You should play your very first game

  16. Zach Champion Avatar

    Inspiration for Battle Cats!!!

  17. Christopher Benjamin Avatar

    Daaaaamn RealTutsGML… Back at it again with the old games!

  18. sashab Avatar

    Is there any way to get this game for GM:S? Not for commercial or etc use, just to check work.

  19. Thomas Matteo Avatar

    im actually working on a little HTML 5 game

  20. Jason Statt Avatar

    awesome… thanks man

  21. Renan Nunes Avatar

    Please, make a tutorial for a game like that

  22. Chandler F. Avatar

    Looks heavily inspired by Age of War

  23. TalkashieGaming Avatar

    Awesome! This video really takes me back… about 10 years ago I was making little games that looked a LOT like this. It's eerie, we had like the exact same art style.

  24. GLaDOSv3gaming Avatar

    This is actually really nice, I'd like to see the others you were talking about

  25. RealTutsGML Avatar

    My Old Game: Street Wars

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