My Thoughts on Game Maker Studio 2

Brand new 2017 Game Maker Studio: 2 Course available right now

This video I showcase what Game Maker Studio 2 looks like and my thoughts on the IDE side of it. I don’t go into much detail on the features they’ve implemented but a first look on what I think about the software.

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45 responses to “My Thoughts on Game Maker Studio 2”

  1. Guy Geva Avatar

    I wan't to note that in the workflow, you can remove anything you aren't currently using.

  2. LordMelone Avatar

    Gosh.. I always hated the Ok button! I always x out of stuff and it never saves! GMS2 is a live saver for me

  3. Helder Perez Avatar

    I want to get it. The workspace looks great, being able to zoom in and out and having so much on the screen. The script editor is far superior with the tabs now. That is a major improvement for me.

    The biggest downfall that I always have with this software is that they have no basic interface widgets like buttons, scroll windows, combo boxes… etc.. I absolutely hate having to program my own, and none of the 3rd party stuff has been what I wanted. If they could just add their own UI widgets this engine would be epic. Dont get me wrong Im not going to Unity. I know GML well for over 15 years and have no reason to learn some new game engine.

    What about supporting 64 bit games? Is that a thing yet? I heard Game maker studio only exported 32 bit games did they make the shift to 64 bit?

  4. Piece Digital Games Avatar

    No more drag n drop event libraries?

  5. SamusLovesMilk Avatar

    You are misleading people saying that you need to buy it again. If you have Pro or Master, you can upgrade your license for like 60% of the price.

  6. Fish Zom Avatar

    Can GMS2 do tables or spreadsheets? I am coming over from GameSalad, and one of the things I really like, is the ability to organize enemy stats in an xl like sheet, and call up that info.

  7. CYKA BLYAT Avatar

    what's the easiest engine for beginners ever?

  8. Gaming Jirachi Avatar

    i want to make a game like undertale, would game maker studio be better or studio 2?

  9. Tychosvideos Avatar

    I find this new interface to be really unorganized and cluttered… I hope they give an option to turn off all those visual effects and clutter. as well as bringing the menu's back to the left. As they just feel off to me on the right.

  10. JetPixel Avatar

    how do I make a background in gms 2

  11. Sir Brodacious Avatar

    They don't save by exiting out, but rather they auto save.

  12. Mark Smith Avatar

    I hope they aren't doing real Object Orientated so the children get the whole code transferred and don't need BS messaging and its management.

  13. Sri Harsha Chilakapati Avatar

    Fun fact: The thing you made as a brush initially (అ) is an alphabet in Telugu, and is pronounced as ah with h as silent. Other than that, it is a pretty nice video, I've been watching GM from version 5, and it is making good progress. Now I like the node like connectors especially which is usually found in modelling software.

  14. Funky B Avatar

    Thanks for the review of GM2! It looks great. Lots of cool new things. I see few negatives except that GM1 features can't transfer $$$

  15. Thunder Hail Avatar

    Will the assets you bought from the store transfer as well

  16. Alon Regev Avatar

    wow so cool I definitely going to develop with it thanks!

  17. Silica Avatar

    can they port GM to linux allready?

  18. Hector4144 Avatar

    So is the GML coding the same as other versions or have they changed the code lines into something else to the point that you have to relearn it from scratch?

    I'm tempted to get it but I'm scared if it takes away all the things the other versions have.

  19. Dimitar Atanasov Avatar

    Can you start an rpg game tutorial in gms2? and lets make it a bit good looking and with more content- more episodes 🙂

  20. Aaron Wise Avatar

    I am starting to wonder if a Nintendo switch development module will ever come to game maker studio, or possibly even game maker studio 2

  21. Aaron Wise Avatar

    Just tried the beta but I ran into a compiler error when messing around making a simple PAC-MAN tutorial just for fun sake.
    Now whether or not my game room was too big or had a object overload or it was the software itself I do not know but however when I tried the first version of game maker studio it ran and compiled without a single error

  22. Genetix Avatar

    Definitely need some time to get used to it, but i'm excited – this is going to be a great IDE to use in the coming years!

  23. Tony Hardass Avatar

    I cant wait for the import and wonder how it will work , alot of fixing i guess ? like you mentioned ? I can see how it could crash everything , what i would do if i would be a part of the creator team of game maker 2 , is that if you import that you can choose two options , FIX or NOTE fix would try you game maker 1 game to check compatibility and NOTE would just note down allll the bugs

  24. Undead Nightorc Avatar

    Is there a way to change the skin to something lighter/brighter? I do a lot of gamemaker coding in bright rooms and sometimes it's very hard to see dark backgrounds due to all the light reflections on my laptop.

  25. Electro Duck Avatar

    When is the non-beta release?

  26. Maise Avatar

    What is the new command for Instance_create?

  27. ugly Human Avatar

    can save animations as gif. files now????

  28. Leone Kaiser Avatar

    Honestly, I like it. Lately, I've spent more time per session learning GML with GMS2 than I have with GMS. However, I believe it's time to invest into a bigger monitor. All that work space!

  29. Anthony Northrup Avatar

    The backwards compatibility thing is that they create a script that performs the same function as the deprecated one. It doesn't change in your code, instead it just makes a helper script and leaves all your stuff the same.

  30. Vorpal Blade Avatar

    gonna do tutorials Game Maker Studio 2?

  31. ScrewOz Avatar

    Where is part 1? I can't find a "My Thoughts on Game Maker Studio 1"

  32. XMan3 Avatar

    Wait… I have GMS Master collection… I HAVE TO SPEND LIKE 600$ MORE TO GET GMS2? GREEDY MUCH!?

  33. BummStirbKuchen - The Kuchen Company Avatar

    gm: studio 2 now has now limited rooms, objects and stuff in the free version, which sucks. if you just wanna make some games for fun :c

  34. Sea Blu Avatar

    I got the beta of GMS 2, and really like it. it seems to be customization to the point where it really isn't all too difficult to get used to. The ability to exit resource edittors without saving is something GMS 1 has been able to do for a long time, but the changes they have made to GML and the room layering system will be very useful to me. I simply cant wait till they release the full version so I can update my project and start working in it. (however I hope they update the light theme to look nicer because I cant work in the dark and the light theme looks kinda grey and dull atm)

  35. Awfulmasterhat Avatar

    I mean it's cool and all but overall I'd rather use studio. I like the new paint options but I might as well continue to use and Gimp, and most of the minor changes could already be done with code and just use the same script for each project. If there's a sale I might get it though.

  36. Aw3s0me Gam3r Avatar

    I can't even use GM:S 2… I downloaded it weeks ago and it let's me in, then crashes.

  37. Mariners Fan Avatar

    What happened to the online game tutorial?!?

  38. HezyFoShizy Avatar

    So I downloaded this program to try out myself and I can't seem to get the registration to work. I registered an account but all it asked me to do was enter my email twice and check I wasn't a robot, didn't ask for a password. So I can't login in even though I'm registered with my email? Can anyone help me out plz?

  39. GamReCat Avatar

    Am I weird for only focusing on one object at a time instead like a hundred objects?

  40. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for gamemaker video

  41. Мартовский Кролик Avatar

    I would kill for having this help feature which shows used variables names in the current object. GMS:2 looks like a fresh AMAZING new start, with respect to all old users. Awesome!

  42. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    I would like the thingy on the right to be on the left like in gm1

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