MySQL Database Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to Databases

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41 responses to “MySQL Database Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to Databases”

  1. Hüseyin Avatar

    Dude I quit smoking early ,but I wonder how I'll quit from thenewBoston

  2. Classic Cartoons Avatar

    Thank you for making this videos available.

  3. Ricardo Praxedes Avatar

    today we're going to learn WTF is a database hahaha

  4. My Lord Avatar

    what is the difference between sql , mysql and database?

  5. sir MAXX Avatar

    Oh boy. What am I getting myself in to. I just hope I could get this to work, or I'd be sad.

  6. cliq uot Avatar

    he ain't Indian ..

  7. Doc DAMN Avatar

    spoiler alert: Bucky's a shepherd

  8. Lucas C Avatar

    bloody hell he's got everything

  9. Randomisticful Avatar

    Yeey English (I mean English – English) tutorial!

  10. Ali jutt Avatar

    hello sir i want to ask question can you give answer of my question??
    the Question is
    If application have millions of records is database then which techniques for CRUID functonality follow to make application forms fast and reliable?

  11. fast furious Avatar

    "WTF is a database"…… laughed so hard at the very beginning . O boy bucky , you are the best …f&$# the rest 😀

  12. free knowledge Avatar

    sir u are really very intelligent. how have u learn this

  13. jeungmin kim Avatar

    I think I love you

  14. Debadip Choudhury Avatar

    give this man a noble prize…

  15. Suyash Kant Avatar

    mystery solved Lisa magically killed Ashley

  16. Emmanuel Amao Avatar

    hi Bucky, I just started out with your tutorials on database and i can't find out files. pls help

  17. babul Avatar

    Please upload sql tutorial

  18. God's Will Avatar

    I learned html, css and java from this guy. much love and support from Cameroon

  19. Biprodip Sanyashi Avatar

    I'm new to this tutorial series is enough to cover the entire knowledge in programming platform?

  20. Kebut Jagoan Avatar

    Thank you for the video Bucky,
    the tutorials are well explained
    Good job buddy 🙂

  21. Anabel Valdés Avatar

    thank you so much this save my lifeee!!!!

  22. 제로。 Avatar

    why you don't do SQL?…

  23. Remi Stardust Avatar

    There are ~320M peeps in the USA alone. Ashley is a fairly common name. My guess is… 1/1500 people is named Ashley. That means, about 213k Ashleys. The question is, how you define unemployed. Receiving benefits or just not currently gainfully employed?

  24. Claire Vannette Avatar

    Love these uber-basic intro videos you do at the beginning of each topic. Even if we're familiar with the concepts, it's fun to hear a rundown again!

  25. Muse Ramos Avatar

    Hey Bucky, how can email you?

  26. AJay Gupta Avatar

    Ashley remained unemployed throughout the tutuorial and finally died at the end!!

  27. Muhammad Ilyas Avatar

    the web links are all down :/ i think bucky is no more on this planet :/

  28. Sen Zhang Avatar

    hi guys, I finished learning these videos. can i add sql to my skill sets list in the resume? are these enough when i at work?

  29. Tanishq Jain Avatar

    Offensive for all Ashley's

  30. Ben Aikins Avatar

    Any one with a free sever?

  31. harshita pant Avatar

    hi .. I am very much confused plz help or suggest me.. I want to learn SQL server 2014 how can i learn this? mysql nd SQL server is same? and Bucky plz make a video on SQL server 2014 pleaseeee…
    I only understand ur tutorials.. plz reply fast .. I want to learn this thing !

  32. mateus mamani Avatar

    bucky i think i love you

  33. Masterpiece Shipon Avatar

    wid dis video, i can understand widout watching dis. Speeches were so much clear to understand 🙂 Love it

  34. Raj Kumar Avatar

    I was wondering what job would you get if you know everything about web development but don't have a college degree.

  35. Ivan Kušaković Avatar

    Poor Ashley, died till the end of video 🙂

  36. name name Avatar

    The numbers of Ashley is highly volatile

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