MySQL Database Tutorial – 25 – Full-Text Searching

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20 responses to “MySQL Database Tutorial – 25 – Full-Text Searching”

  1. AJay Gupta Avatar


  2. Hamza Rana Avatar

    You can not search for words like 'gun' or 'bed', as by default, you can only search for minimum 4 letter words.
    So for searching 3 letter words or even 2, do the following:

    Put the following lines in an option file:
    Then restart the server and rebuild your FULLTEXT indexes.

  3. hà tuân Avatar

    very good. Thanks bro!

  4. doityourself Avatar

    You saved they day man where were you? Why was your video ranking so low in the search…… but i was sure you must have made this video and here you are……….

  5. HTMLFormatNews Avatar


  6. James Cross Avatar

    perfect works really well.

  7. ocast evo Avatar

    darn it wasted a few days studying how to do this in c++.

  8. Wasim Bader Avatar

    very nicely done and made me understand. your teaching is fun and relaxing. thank you. and thumbs up

  9. Steven Rodriguez Avatar

    Thanks man, this video set me off in the right direction. I appreciate it

  10. rishabh goel Avatar

    hey , i tried to search for items containing 'used' by writing the code –  SELECT name, cost FROM items WHERE MATCH (name) AGAINST ('used') and same for 'of' but both of them are returning empty results , HELP!

  11. saba saab Avatar

    @melvin its because google doesnt solely work with mysql it might takes the whatever a person types in that search box n then take that data as a string variable n put that in the clause AGAINST() so the rest of the query could search for that string n match it with the data

  12. Melvin Varughese Avatar

    In this tutorial u said about using Against() but is Against() compulsory caz I don't find its purpose. Let's say when I use Google to search for the latest movies, how can Google predict earlier what to use inside Against()??? Caz u used a part of the name of the record

  13. Kampinator Avatar

    Hello. I can't get this working if i try to search multiple colums. With one colum MATCH AGAINST works fine, but if i do example this:
    SELECT * from teachers
    WHERE MATCH (first_name ,last_name)

    It says #1191 – Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list , I can't seem to find the problem

  14. Shadman Islam Avatar

    what was the purpose of using BOOLEAN MODE? (not explained in the video)

  15. Ye Zhu Avatar

    BUT the fulltext search cannot identify babyfoot & babyliss….

  16. RG Rabaya Avatar

    Yeah me too, I think it only supports 4 letter words n above if you try to search for gun,bed or new which really exist from the table, you'll get no results.

  17. Christopher Clarke Avatar

    fuck yeah, thank you, i was looking for something like this. I'm subscribed

  18. Vincent Chen Avatar

    LINQ is one of Csharp features that allow you to pass/return Csharp data structures using SQL queries. Just by using LINQ library in your Csharp class, you can use the methods to set up connection to the SQL data base and run queries. This kind of example is perfect for implementing stored procedures in Csharp.

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