MySQL Database Tutorial – 33 – Final Video!

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46 responses to “MySQL Database Tutorial – 33 – Final Video!”

  1. AJay Gupta Avatar

    wohooo!!! finished in just 1 day.

  2. Being - Ethiopian Avatar

    WHO else is watching this in 2017
    finally I made it

  3. XiMin Yun Avatar

    Still the best SQL tutorial!

  4. Priyank Dave Avatar

    Bucky sir we are waiting for you!!!!!!Plz plz plz make us learn more about sql

  5. MH J Avatar

    You're AWESOME Bucky!
    Thanks for keep feeding us more and more!

  6. Capt. Fantastic Avatar

    Saw all of your videos
    I hope I get a job πŸ™

  7. David Huang Avatar

    Bucky, you're the man!! Love your tutorial!!

  8. deb Avatar

    Thank you Bucky! You're the man!!

  9. Yuchen Jiang Avatar

    Finished 33 videos in one day, ENJOYED!! Also, watched all your C++ tutorials which were recommended by our professor! Please PLS pls give us advanced SQL lessons. I know it is not easy to make videos and it takes time. Just remember there are ton's of viewers are always looking forward to watching your videos and hear your voice again! Thank you for all the efforts to encourage people to learn. You are a natural teacher and amazing person.

  10. Ricardo Cesar Llerena Delgado Avatar

    Very usefull, great job bucky, waiting more…

  11. Tim Avatar

    Thank's, Bucky!

  12. Atul Chavan Avatar

    Hi Bucky, thanks for these tutorial. Can you please cover the advanced topics. We also want to learn the best practices and queries on handling a huge database.

  13. tl cd Avatar

    Bucky u r da best. Thanks much….

  14. Hosam Gnab Avatar

    thank you bucky for all the hard work you have done for us…. and by the way you have an quit awesome boss πŸ™‚

  15. Nebbo .o Avatar

    mate i'm waiting like for 5 years for the new tutorials…

    just joking i just finished this 33 nice videos.

    i'm waiting for like 10 minutes for the new ones.

  16. md apu Avatar

    @bUCKY: I think now time to teach TRIGGERS, CURSORS, STORE PROCEDURES, Please teach us those you promised in this video. & I like to see those videos in this playlist, thanks

  17. Jacob Sturdy Avatar

    Watched all 33 episodes, thanks Bucky!

  18. Marco Antonio Avatar

    Hello, TheNewBoston. I hope you are all right. I wonder if you could show/write the more advanced themes concerning SQL. Thanks in advance.

  19. Sarosh Khawar Avatar


  20. For Phone Avatar

    yeyyyy,end of totorial, that was so cool!! tyyyy

  21. Haroon Emran Avatar

    Great job keep going on these tutorials bucky and thank you!

  22. Tayeb Bennegueouch Avatar

    Great tutorials πŸ™‚ Thx so much

  23. Michael Smith Avatar

    For the last few years, I've watched and learned from so many of his videos that I think Bucky should offer his own certification

  24. 91chaves Avatar

    Thank you Bucky, great videos!

  25. Abdul Rehman khan Avatar

    bucky i just love you <3

  26. Divyansh Singh Avatar

    Bucky Dude… You the man! Really!

  27. Rafay Qureshi Avatar

    Thank you bucky for everything πŸ™‚

  28. KyBaCorps Avatar

    Thank you Bucky πŸ™‚

  29. Manish Kumar Avatar

    Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    Happy learning

  30. siddharth d Avatar

    Thank U very much Bucky. Got good knowledge in mysql..

  31. Kailash Prasad Avatar

    Thanks Bucky . Day defore Yesterday I was wondering what the SQL is and now after two days I know almost all the basic of SQl.

  32. Rahmonali Fatkhuddinov Avatar

    I wanna thank you for everything you made. It's very useful and everyone can use your course, I mean beginner and Intermediate. And again thanks a lot I've just finished my SQL tutorial..

  33. Alessandro Rezzi Avatar

    nice tutorial!! I've learnt a lot

  34. Kent Louis de Leon Avatar

    Thanks Bucky, you've help me a lot to learned mySQL the easier way.

  35. Andy Gomez Avatar

    ty bucky it was a long and strange trip

  36. hari krishna Avatar

    Good tutorial but liitle laggy

  37. monica thota Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial Bucky.
    It's been four years, when can we get an advanced SQL tutorial?

  38. Shashank shekhar Singh Avatar

    thanks a lots man…it helped me very much

  39. nitishman mishra Avatar

    Some retards disliked the video… GOD save them

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