MySQL Database Tutorial – 4 – SHOW and SELECT

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48 responses to “MySQL Database Tutorial – 4 – SHOW and SELECT”

  1. AJay Gupta Avatar

    Does my sql compiles or interpretes the code??

  2. R Williams Avatar

    why doesn't the sql query box save commands? Resets to blank everytime you submit a query.

  3. shubham tiwari Avatar

    Hi . I want to make a dynamic website . i have done with the html and css part but i am confused with php and mysql . please help me out with this . I want to make a login form some query forms etc.

  4. soheer xzaky Avatar

    I have made a db using php admin as you made but how can I connect it with my java I am a beginner java developer and I don't understand the idea of DB address inside the web server of host gator how can I get the address to use it in JAVA?

  5. Gilbert Alphin Avatar

    So far so good! Let's keep it up! THANKS Owais for Mr. Robert's tests files.

  6. AJay Gupta Avatar



    Can we save pictures in MYSQL database?? How??

  8. ^Kew^ Avatar

    why no sound ur every video

  9. Alice Clanton Avatar

    I'm watching these videos in 2016 and I cannot find file anywhere!!!

  10. fae mon Avatar

    hi guys; why I can not write these commands?? when I write them it error "#1227 – Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SHOW DATABASES privilege(s) for this operation" . WHAT is the problem??

  11. delgadojg1 Avatar

    PRI does not appear in my id row. is this gonna be a problem in any upcoming tutorials? how can i assign a primary key for this row?

  12. Arfat Hanif Avatar

    It was really helpful .. Thank you very much

  13. Bashir Avatar

    can i do this tutorial and use MSSQL instead of mysql? i'm already having difficulties with the syntax

  14. Shivanshu Mishra Avatar

    Instead of SHOW COLUMNS from <table_name>; we can use DESC <table_name>; . Both are same this is just an additional information

  15. Ahadul Islam Avatar

    HELLO bro i have a question, i want to deliver a error message in php if ID=5 is not found. How to do that
    [code] SELECT * FROM table WHERE ID=5 [code]

  16. P. R. Avatar

    Good video. It is really close to other sql languages. That is refreshing. I appreciate the good information and refresher.

  17. AJ213 Avatar

    Finally a good use for the CAPS button. Though screaming is a good use for it too.

  18. ajay.kgautam Avatar

    I am using hostinger and getting error Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SHOW DATABASES privilege(s) for this operation . while executing command .How to fix this?

  19. Dean Miller Avatar


  20. mosco Avatar

    I just have a beginners question, PHP is a programming language, what does it have to do with SQL and why do we use this PHP my Admin thing? I mean, I know we need a server and so but I still dont understand the role of PHP here. Sorry about the basic question..

  21. Majestic Barrack Avatar

    hey you don't explain about LIMIT 0 ,30 why??????

  22. lorenzo garcia Avatar

    do you know anything anout this? where to type this command? mysqld –max_allowed_packet=40M i am trying to store video BLOB into database and rerieve video BLOB save to a folder. what should i do? i cant see any article about this. I know its not ideal to store large file inside mysql but i need it. please help Thanks

  23. halocekicksass Avatar

    I'm getting this error. "Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available."
    I'm guessing this is a new thing in phpmyadmin? Does this mean I have to SELECT the primary key in addition to the "city" column?

  24. Shahbaz Sholapure Avatar

    are mysql server and microsoft sql server same??????plzz reply….
    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

  25. Q Bone Avatar

    can i follow these tutorial with sql management studio

  26. Jeya Siva Avatar

    I am getting the below error.
    Could not find stored procedure 'show'.

  27. Jeya Siva Avatar

    Could not find stored procedure 'show'.please help

  28. SixtyMac Avatar

    You can download MAMP and you can get myPhpAdmin. It basically runs an Apache and mysql server on your localhost machine. No need for purchasing hosting. 

  29. Faizah Alkatheri Avatar

    I'm following your tutorials, but I'm using 
    I tried to upload your free database, but it's too small, so I got an error. What should I do? please help.

  30. Che Guevara Avatar

    ur good bu u talk too much

  31. Jen G Avatar

    After clicking on SQL tab to write a new command I got this error msg in phpadmin 🙁 #1040 Cannot log in to the MySQL server

  32. Вячеслав Чернявский Avatar

    no sql file on forum. what to do?

  33. Janis L. Avatar

    When I write SHOW DATABASES phpmyadmin just loads for ever!Help me please someon

  34. Logan Collinsworth Avatar

    Information_Skooma (+1 Skyrim)

  35. Word 〉 War 〉 Win Avatar

    Schema is pronounced like "ski-muh". Visit and click on the speaker icon next to the word you want to hear. 🙂

  36. Gudu Kasa Avatar


    SHOW COLUMNS FROM customers
    SELECT city FROM customers

  37. zoyeb shaikh Avatar

    xammp makes local server on pc,some online server stop while type query and needs to refresh its panic so make this video using xammp but thanks anyway i ave your android c++,c and java videos pretty much awesome thanks for efforts man  

  38. homer88100 Avatar

    thanks bucky boy!

  39. Yuri konichiwa Avatar

    I would like to point out that the semicolon is not always needed for example if your using python with sqlite or MySQLdb and you execute "cursor().execute('SELECT * FROM tablename') you do not need one now if you use a terminal you will need a semicolon same goes for a command prompt it all depends on what language you use with MySQL 😀

  40. Christopher Pagan Avatar

    I thought it was just me

  41. IVIax94 Avatar

    Has anyone else been having issues with 000webhost not loading after typing in the command "SHOW DATABASES"?

  42. Jonrobrt Avatar

    I learned so much tonight – thanks for all your hard work!

  43. Youngtrepeneur Boy Avatar

    While learning, use 000webhost [dot] com
    Its free

  44. Alex A Avatar

    there are on the forums couldnt be eaiser to locate them.

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