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Learn About The Divi Theme and How To use Its new Visual Editor. This is the newest update with Divi 3.0. In this tutorial, I show you how easy it is to use the divi visual page builder for the divi theme created by elegant themes. Elegant themes will give you a free 30 day money back for its themes.

I use the divi website for my website and my clients. Its a really food wordpress theme and i rank it among the best with its page builder.

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40 responses to “NEW Divi Theme 3.0 Visual Editor for WordPress | Divi Theme Review!”

  1. First Choice Appliance Repair & HVAC Services Avatar

    Is there any divi plugin to install on current theme?

  2. Monica Castro Avatar

    I have a theme that I bought and want to keep, can I use divi to change it up and arrange things further? Or do I have to create a theme from scratch if I purchase divi?

  3. Ash Avatar

    Can you create custom wp post templates using Divi?

  4. Robert J. Holtz Avatar

    FYI – Divi is pronounced "div-vee" not "dee-vee." The name is derived from the <div> tag. Peace.

  5. Eric Strickland Avatar

    Hi darrel, my divi builder is still showing as version 2.0.5 I've did my user name and API but it's still showing the plugin option ,divi role editor . i dont see a theme option or the customizer etc. is this suppose to look this way?


  6. Mohammad Seddiq Batoor Avatar

    sir it is possible to use for free and how i download free?

  7. Rachel Curray Avatar

    I'm watching this video not realizing that it was you. Awesome! I'm using this for my web portfolio. Totally going to be asking questions. =)

  8. ahasan habib Avatar

    would u like to tell us pros and cons about divi 3.0

  9. bozomonster Avatar

    Is Divi 3.0 a the best wordpress option for selling products (6-10)? Or is there a better option?

  10. Jonathan Ignatius Avatar

    Hi, i'm new on everything about this, but i have a site and can i use divi to edit my site ? or i should make a new one. thanks before.

  11. Ken Stovall Avatar

    Hello Darrel……can you add all types of popups in the Divi 3.0 ?? Thanks !!

  12. Judith Stephens Avatar

    Do you have a video where you just setup Divi 3 for the new user? No comparisons to other themes wanted. Will you just direct me to where I can finally learn to understand how to get this theme up. Non-developer insider language needed. Thank you much.

  13. LOHAS Lifestyle Avatar

    Many bugs – not able to configure visual builder to any other role than admin…Confusing many Divi addons and needed stuff which is not part of basic package

  14. Pele Suratach Avatar

    Darrel, you're awesome man

  15. Marty Cunning Avatar

    Can you use a video instead of a back ground image?

  16. Deidra Wolfe Avatar

    So glad to have found your youtube tutorials. I decided to go with Divi due to your recommendation. I am glad I did. However, the support page for divi is not the easiest to understand if you are new to web development. I have a bunch of questions but I will start as 1. My shop images on the homepage invert when viewed on a mobile device? Is there a way to fix the image?

  17. Ace Viray Avatar

    Just want to ask. the visual builder is part of theme divi? i love the theme but i don't money to pay. i love your video tutorial. you always consider the price. the free and you always start with start hahaha you know what i mean? create the account even register a domain. if you mind can i ask the theme divi. i don't expect atleast i try. I'm studying wordpress right now and i want to use it just for studying purposes. if you give the them send it to. barakiel.viray @ gmail . com. thank you. Godbless. keep uploading good tutorial videos

  18. Donna Southwood Avatar

    Does the front end builder work to create blog posts?

  19. Le Croisé Avatar

    Hi Darrel
    how can i go back to editing the fullwidth header setting on visual builder after I saved my changes a first time?

  20. Dung nguyen quoc Avatar

    hey how to make page archive with visual divi 3.0 . or build web blog.

  21. Vic Trombley Avatar

    Easier – Just an example how people overthink and screw a good thing up..


    Can i use the demo version for free ever.

  23. Alex Solano Avatar

    Thanks for he video dude! Quick question. How do I create a call to action asking for an email but then taking the person to a registration page. The only example I found is something like what is doing. The CTA grabs the email but then it expands to a "create a log in"

  24. digitalsketchguy Avatar

    I don't like the mobile navigation. I've only checked out some of their demos to ascertain this. I do hope there are options to make changes and possibly the ability to create something like a full screen overlay.

  25. mikelo joseph Avatar

    Will I able to use Divi to build a Ecommerce store? Also will it have all the bells and whistles for me to create one? such as templates and more?

  26. spleujo Avatar

    Thanks for the great demo. I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate space at a bottom of a full width header slider. The opposing up-down arrows show up and it looks like you can reduce the height, but it does nothing. Ideas?

  27. Philip Ingram Avatar

    Love the idea of these builders as a front end developer because I can quickly build conceptual blocks without having to do all the scaffolding myself but the problems I've kept running into with these live builders are 1) bloat (loading tons of grid, animation, slider css and js for ALL features vs what is actually used), 2) interference with the builder UI due to other plugins or custom css breaking the live builder experience and 3) poor documentation on how to develop one's own modules to get the exact html structure needed for a design. I'm optimistic Divi (Elegant Themes) has been around long enough to know these things so I'm going to jump in, give it a go and see how this one pans out. Thanks for the new toy ET! …oh and also of course, thanks for the review DW!

  28. AruniusMaximus Avatar

    Hey Darrel Thanks for the nice video. I am currently narowing it down to Divi and Elementor also Live Composer seems nice to work with but I have some questions. How can I chang the main menu to be transparent and when scrolling to then stick to the top. How can I put my social media Icons in inside the main menu part. Is it possible to do this with Divi? Is there a way to start with a blank template or do I need to pick a theme nearest to what I wish and then change all I want? Thanks in advance for helping me Darrel. Much appreciated. Best regards Arun

  29. Nelson Doverte Avatar

    Thanks man! I love this tuts you have here. Just one question a not related one on what you taught as here hope its fine with you. How can I create my own layout with DIVI? I mean like the free layout give away from Eleganthemes the 100 series?

  30. John Bastian Bolhano Avatar

    I really love Divi theme. It is the easiest WordPress theme I have use so far. Thank you great video.

  31. Maxine Weiner Avatar

    Is it a good template for a membership site?

  32. Theokondak Avatar

    Great Video thanks! I wonder if its possible to use fullpage.js along with Divi Builder somehow.

  33. ChefNateGr8 Avatar

    Sorry, but not that music!

  34. Dee Phenix Avatar

    Great video Darrel….

  35. lwroyk - Lawrence Keat Avatar

    Good Video!. I have a question about the theme, has anyone experience when you click the visual builder the screen goes blank (white) couldn't use the front end builder yet. Please share your experience………..

  36. Luke Westwood Avatar

    Great video. How easy is it to customise the menus and get them to match the style you want?

  37. Mr.Thresher7 Avatar

    You dude are so cool ! Keep up the Gr8 job…Subbin' <3

  38. Anna Nystrom Avatar

    i love your videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best wordpress youtuber

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