NEW Divi Theme Tutorial On Udemy And Skillshare! 😀

I have created a divi theme tutorial on and for you all. This divi theme includes custom css features and many margin and padding sections.

You can access the course free on udemy here:

Course 2

To get unlimited course access on skillshare, get the coupon code here!!

Good luck and see you in the online class on skillshare and udemy!






9 responses to “NEW Divi Theme Tutorial On Udemy And Skillshare! 😀”

  1. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Make sure to check out Skillshare for the courses! See you in the course!

  2. Michael Avatar

    Thanks man! I enrolled for both courses. Can´t wait!

  3. dennisht6038 Avatar

    These Themes, do they work on go daddy's hosting with WordPress. ORG ? I am really confused

  4. Malcolm Maxwell Avatar

    Hi Darrel, just wondering have you tried Royal Commerce from DiviLife, it looks really great.

  5. Dan Drkunivrs Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I'm going to make several online stores for myself, do you recommend the DIVI theme or the Flatsome theme? and why?
    Thanks for your videos.

  6. James Holland Avatar

    Darrel, I took your 2016 Divi course on Udemy and it was fantastic. Your two 2017 courses have the same title and similar table of contents. Can you please comment on the difference between courses. Thank you!

  7. Thomas Syxe Avatar

    Thanks mate that will come in handy

  8. Martin Burt Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up Darrel will check both Udemy and Skillshare out

  9. Awais Ahmad Avatar

    I would definitely enroll in the course. I learnt a lot about Divi theme from your tutorial. Thank You.

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