NEW Elementor Page Builder Feature Update – Blend Modes and Filter Effects!

The Elementor page builder released a new feature update for its page builder called blend modes which allows you to add different images on your overlays and get very creative with your wordpress website

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6 responses to “NEW Elementor Page Builder Feature Update – Blend Modes and Filter Effects!”

  1. hemmivh Avatar

    Elementor looks good/better give all the updates they have been putting out there, would you recommend them over Flatsome for woocommerce for example?

  2. Barry Paffey Avatar

    Nice feature, but does this affect the load time of a website?

  3. Web Developer Blog Avatar

    Wow, so easy! Nice video!

  4. Mdazhardware Avatar

    amazing Photoshop like feature

  5. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    A great new feature from elementor. The Blend Modes and filter effects are available today. Make sure to update your plugin or purchase the pro version!

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