Notepad Programming Tutorial – Hello World Program

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In this video we start our series by creating a hello world program using notepad. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

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24 responses to “Notepad Programming Tutorial – Hello World Program”

  1. namraihc Avatar

    It also works on windows 10

  2. Fart Rocket Avatar

    Two things:

    Batch is NOT a programming language.

    Every programming language can be written in any text editor (and that obviously includes notepad). You just have to compile the code yourselves. IDEs are just easier to use, and they compile your program for you.

  3. Darwin the Hot Dog Avatar

    For new programmers I reccomend windows batch files. Easy to learn. Awesome.

  4. CrUnCh Avatar

    and what language is this is it c+ or something becouse this does not really look like c

  5. Gamerst3k Avatar

    Great tutorial !!!!

  6. King SD wight Avatar

    How change the font of app that will out after write the codes

  7. Justin Uberbacher Avatar

    so helpful!!! demystified this topic for me thank you!!!

  8. Bryan Espinoza Avatar

    lol this is batching dude

  9. HereticalPuppy Avatar

    @echo off
    Echo echo echo echo echo echo


    How can i change my dekstop background with notepad?

  11. Juan Ibarra Avatar

    (Sorry I'm dumb) but what version of windows is this?

  12. lennyMc jayPop Avatar

    this is awsome i just went into a programing group i dont know shit so thanks for these tutorials

  13. Seiban Avatar

    Can this be done on MAC OS?

  14. cj burton Avatar

    Awesome video. Keep making videos like this. 😉

  15. RandomGuy Avatar

    If you're new to programming and like it, I would definitelly recommend starting with Python. It is an amazing language which can do lots of stuff. It is worth learning as it is also simple and doesn't have complex syntax.
    An example of the Hello World program in python:
    print 'Hello World'
    raw_input('Press enter to continue…')

  16. kolbe sharples Avatar

    @echo off
    echo hello world

  17. Xx1ML3G1T xX Avatar

    its called batch not notepad programming and @echo off clears the screen not makes it a certain type of file. saving it as a batch file or .bat declares the type of file. and your tutorial is the worst thing i have ever seen and it gives absolutely no information about batch.

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